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  1. I was able to download the exact same version from this link (found it by navigating through Kaspersky's official site): http://www.kaspersky.com/product-updates/w...8652.1443206918 I tested it with a commercial license and can also confirm that it is working now.
  2. I have gathered trace files of the issue. How do I upload them to you?
  3. Yes, I have tested the components and did not see any improvements. The problem still persists.
  4. I see the problem when I try to open some downloaded apps as well, such as myTube! and Twitter. But the slowness is definitely more prevalent with the built in apps (Mail and Calendar seems to be the worst).
  5. Performance is greatly affected. If you look at the screenshot where the Mail app is opening, KES is using almost 30% of the CPU while loading the Mail app. The moment the Mail app is open (second screenshot), KES is using 0% of the CPU. I have tried disabling all KES components and the problem is still present. The problem only goes away when KES is completed closed. The problem seems to pretty consistent with many apps. I see similar situations with apps like the Store, Calendar, Maps, etc. The loading times on all apps vary depending on the app but they are definitely longer when KES is open than when it is closed. In fact, I noticed when an app is stuck loading, everything else on the computer gets slow until the app is done loading or is closed. Even Task Manager won't open until the app is done.
  6. Here is the second post that has a screenshot of KES closed and the Mail app open.
  7. Because of the attachment size limits, this post has two screenshots, the first is KES open and the Mail app opening. The second screenshot on this post is KES open and the Mail app finally open after a few minutes. The second post will have a screenshot of KES closed and the Mail app open.
  8. I disabled each service from Endpoint Control and Protection one at a time. Each time I disabled a service, the apps would not load faster. Even after all services were disabled and no updates or scans were running, the apps did not load any faster. I once again exited KES and almost immediately saw a drastic improvement in app startup times. After that, the apps consistently opened immediately. I started KES again with no services running and tested the mail app. The app would take longer than 2 minutes to open. I closed the mail app and reopened it and again it took forever to open. This appears to be directly linked with whether or not KES is running.
  9. I wanted to clarify my above statement, I uninstalled KES and the issue reappeared a short time after after re-installing it.
  10. Yes, exiting KES does restore Windows 10 apps to a normal speed immediately. I did uninstall KES before and it helped at first but it wasn't long before I noticed app performance slowing again. Thank you.
  11. Windows 10 apps are extremely slow to startup. The moment I exit Kaspersky and I try the app again, it loads fine. I then turn Kaspersky back on and the app struggles to start up again. Specifically, I have noticed this happen with the Mail app. This is a real problem especially when trying to use a system share function (such as the share button in Edge). When I select Mail as my share option, it will not load at all (assuming it times out). I have also noticed this in other apps, such as the Store. The Store amongst other apps also seem to crash occasionally on first startup of the app. I do not know for sure if this is Kaspersky causing the crashes since it is only on first startup of the app sometimes. Does anyone else have these problems?
  12. Do you have any updates on the technical release date for a version of KES that will support Windows 10?
  13. Thank you. Do you know when the non-beta version will be released? Again, I'm trying to see if I can upgrade to Windows 10 and use the beta version until the actual version comes out. That way I am always protected.
  14. Any word yet on whether or not the beta testing period has been extended?
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