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  1. OK Berny Does this mean I could download the MAC installation version and use it with my current registration key, as long as I still had no more than three computers on the key?
  2. Simple question concerning Internet Security. I have a three-user licence but have only used two , both on Microsoft machines. With the death sentence by starvation on Windows 7 Professional one of these will be replaced by an Apple laptop. Is my existing installation file suitable for the Apple?
  3. What does this notification mean? I've been running IS for several years now but don't remember seeing it previously. If I click 'Enable Protection' then I'm told to wait for about half an hour.
  4. Thank you, old computer now vanquished but replacement not decided. I have the activation code and the download source.
  5. I have a 3-year licence for Kaspersky Internet Security. My oldest computer, running Windows XP has now been honourable retired. How do I free the current licence code so that it may be transferred to its replacement?
  6. I use Chrome and occasionally Firefox, while running under Kaspersky Internet Security with all the updates. Is there any point in running browser extensions such as Ghostery or uBlock Origin? Cynic
  7. After running a full scan on my Win XP system it seems that I have an infection which Kaspersky reports cannot be removed because it 'has been postponed'. What does this mean, and is it important?
  8. I am one of the dwindling crowd of Firefox users. This browser is belatedly revising is addon technology, and those installed addons which will no longer be supported from November are noted as "legacy". I see that the Kaspersky Protection addon is also "legacy". Can anyone advise what will happen to this in November?
  9. I'm sorry that I was not more more clear. I meant that since the problem has recently occurred then some setting had to have been changed?
  10. Swamp Yankee - You are the man! Many thanks, appears to be working. Does this mean that somehow this register had been deleted? Joe
  11. Hi, I'm running Kaspersky IS 2017 with all updates, in Windows 7 Pro. About a week ago I experienced a new problem with the BBC site in that videos will not run. The circular motiv merely continues to revolve without ever executing the video. This happens in both Chrome and Firefox browsers. As part of my investigation I have now discovered that if I pause protection in Kaspersky the video will run, and continues to tun when I immediately resume protection. Thereafter any video on the BBC site will run without a problem until the computer is rebooted. Then the same procedure is required to run videos. There is no problem with other sites such as Youtube. I presume therefore that a setting in my Kaspersky suite has been changed somehow. Not surprisingly, I would like to revert to my previous setting. Can anyone advise me?
  12. No luck I'm afraid. Not likely now to be a problem with Kaspersky - I've installed Firefox on the same computer and Ancestry works with no problem. Thanks guys.
  13. I'm running Internet Security 2016 on a Dell Latitude in Windows 7 Pro. I have no problem with any other site except the Ancestry genealogical site, which will not let me log in - the screen does not react to the login button. I have another computer running Windows XP which does allow me to enter this site. Is there a way of checking that Kaspersky is not blocking the site? Can there be another reason? Joe
  14. I use KIS 2016 and have always been pleased with it - very trusting I know, because having never had a problem I assume that it works effectively. My computer is running very slowly and I see from HiJackThis that I'm running the service mfevtp (McAfee validation trust protection), which I can't switch from automatic. Does KIS use this?
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