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  1. Also having this same problem. Can you share the contents of the cert.zip archive, or can someone from KL support pm me the certificates? Thanks
  2. Hi I understand the above pf fixes Outlook crashing issues with KES 11. Have already tried uninstalling KES/Re-installing The issue seems similar to the one reported here:
  3. Hi Konstantin Thank you for your reply. I ran a GSI on the client and it came back with the following items listed as incompatibile. The following items are included in the Sophos Intercept X installation, so I think it is safe to assume it is not compatible?
  4. Hi I have a customer that has just purchased Sophos Intercept X Is anyone from Kaspersky able to confirm that KES SP1 MR 3 is compatible? Thank You
  5. Hi I have a customer who is receiving the following emails: "Kaspersky Security 9.0 for Microsoft Exchange Servers event on server: jos-ex1. Anti-Virus databases have become outdated more than 24 hours ago. Databases released on: 30/10/2016 20:54 (UTC)" But on the server when you look in the console it says the last update completed successfully at 10/31/2016 7:38pm. Is this an issue with the install or likely to be a notification/display issue? Thanks
  6. Hi Did you try using kavremover in Safe Mode and/or using the -nodetect parameter?
  7. Hi Konstantin I have private message KLCentralSupport user with file share details Thank you!
  8. Hi Dmitry How can I attach the export of the task here? I get message that Upload failed. You are not permitted to upload this type of file.'
  9. Hi Dmitry I am expecting to find JAva As you can see, it is present in Applications registry, but not in Software Updates.
  10. This is the Applications Registry, where the new Java update appears.
  11. KSC 10.2.434 KES Can someone tell me why the latest Java update does not appear in latest Software updates in KSC console? The Java release appears in Applications Registry but not in Software Updates. I run vulnerability and software update task couple of times and completed without error. Thank you!!
  12. Thank you Kirill I will check and update you later. Thanks
  13. Hi Can someone please tell me how to remove this? When I check Virus activity on the client I get 0, and I am unable to find this file. Process terminated on xxxxx.xxxxx. Critical event Please Investigate Immediately! Event type: Process terminated Application\Name: Microsoft© Register Server Application\Path: c:\windows\system32\ Application\Process ID: 11440 User: XYZ\Joe. Bloggs (Active user) Component: System Watcher Result\Description: Terminated Result\Name: not-a-virus:PDM:AdWare.Win32.Agent.dns Result\Threat level: Medium Result\Precision: Exactly Object: c:\programdata\49916567-52b1-0\49916567-52b1-0.d Object\Type: Process Object\Path: c:\windows\system32\ Object\Name: 49916567-52b1-0.d
  14. Hi Ivan, Thank you for reply Disabling Self-Defense does not make any difference. I try to disable NDIS filter as I thought maybe this is cause? Please see information regarding network cards in screenshot
  15. Hi I have an endpoint client running KES SP1 MR3 with 2 network cards. Whenever I attempt to use secondary network card to access network resource, for example, the Internet, I receive a message saying that the 'Action blocked by Self-Defense'. Please kindly advise. I attempt to remove NDIS filter, but was unable to find it in TCP/IP Properties menu. Please kindly advise any suggestion? This is only affecting 1 client, so I am reluctant to make any changes to the policy. Thank You
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