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  1. Hi, Thank you for your kind explanation. We understood above explanation.
  2. Hi, Ok, great. Then we have the answer for this. Thank you.
  3. Hi Pavel, Let says we dont have any terminal servers in our environment. We only have AD Servers, File Servers, Mail servers, and Web servers in our production. For Mail Servers, we use an exchange servers as our main mail communication. If we install this KSWS, is it the functionality will work?
  4. Hi, I have one question regarding on newly added features. It is about "anti-virus and anti-phishing protection of email traffic using an Microsoft Outlook extension". How this new features works and how this new features can protect our servers? Let say our production server is not using a Microsoft Outlook and there is no client email application that install in my production server, how this features can protect my production servers? What i mean is, can elaborate to me for my better understanding in order to use this features.
  5. Hi Alexey, Noted and thank you for your replied. So it is different from the Endpoint version. Is it possible to make it same like endpoint version, when user plug in the removable drive, there are progress bar notification will popup on the screen.
  6. Hi, As per request, kindly find attach zip for your kind perusal & reference. trace file device control.zip
  7. Hi, As per attach screenshot, we've set Scan removable drive if its stored data volume does not exceed(MB)": 16348MB which means not exceed to 16GB. But currently our removable drive is only 8GB. Kindly advice.
  8. Hi, We have configured in KSC policy for external devices scan and we enable the function to scan mass storages on connection. But when we try to connect our removable drives to our server, it seems that KSWS would not scan it. Kindly advice.
  9. Hi, The installation were completed. However, we want to try to uninstall the, but it seems that we cannot uninstall it using standard method by using add/remove program. Only can uninstall the console only. But for the Antivirus we cannot uninstall it. Kindly advice.
  10. Hello, Yes. We decide to wait and finally the download were manage to complete.
  11. Hi, here is the info on my Beta Tester Scenario: Customer name: Know Distribution Customer country: Malaysia Devices connected to KES Cloud: a. Number of iOS devices, type of usage (iOS MDM, iOS SafeBrowser): 0 b. Number of Android devices: 0 c. Number of Windows Workstations: 0 d. Number of Windows Servers: 0 - Workspace name: Know Distribution Sdn Bhd - Workspace ID: 8549f90c-4d1f-4f64-a87d-a32c5575d03f - Workspace creation parameters: a. Region selected during workspace creation: Malaysia b. Number of nodes selected during workspace creation: 100 We have a problem to download the distribution package of KES. When a user click a link to download the packages, it takes time to identify the package size that need to be downloaded. We already tried to use chrome and IE, both also having same issue. In our network environment we did not use any proxy. Its take more than 10 minutes to identify the size of the package and we have to cancel the download task. Kindly refer attach zip file with password:pass123 for your info and action. Could you rectify it? KESCloud_Issue.zip
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