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  1. PERFECT!!! Worked like a charm, thank you so much! Randy
  2. Hello, Thank you so much for the reply. I only have a handful of tasks Randy
  3. Hello, My server is starting to run out of space, and I noticed that the following temp directory has about 6GB of data stored in it. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Administration Kit\8.0\temp\temporaryFolder\bases\five\kas20 Is it ok if I delete some of the older files? I also found these two directories that had a ton of older files that were taking up some space too. Is it ok to delete some of those as well? Some are from 2007. C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Administration Kit\Share\Updates\bases\five\kas20 C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Administration Kit\Dat\FTServer\a98fffb0-d2a2-40ea-834b-0ad2e83e5b5a.package\destination\bases\five\kas20 Thanks! Randy
  4. Hello, I have a bunch of computers that run Deep Freeze, so I do not want Kaspersky to run the On Demand Scan on them when I first turn them on in the morning. How can I disable this, preferable through the Admin Kit if possible. Here is what we are running: Admin Kit: Version 8.0.2163 Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 MP4 ( Thanks! Randy
  5. Hi Everyone, The server that I am running the Admin Kit on is drastically running out of disk space. I ran the TreeSize application and have uploaded the results to this post. Can I delete the contents of the ForDiff directory? It is taking up almost 8GB of space? Please help, thank you! Randy
  6. Was this ever resolved, I am having the same exact problem. I deleted everything in the temp directory, but I still have a ton of space being used up the same way the original poster here detailed. Please help! Randy
  7. Hello, In my district have I have 4 separate sites within our Domain. Each site is far away from each other and I did not want the clients to go out to the internet to get the latest virus definitions from the Kaspersky Servers. We have the latest version of the Kaspersky Administration Kit (Version: 8.0.2090) and everything has been great for the past month except for one of our sites is having trouble getting the updates. The latest virus updates on the clients are from September 29th. I have setup the Update Agents for each site, but it looks like there is a problem. I have attached a screenshot from one of the client computers. The main server that hosts the Administration Kit said that it has successfully downloaded the latest updates. How can I make sure that the Update Agents are getting the latest updates from the Administration Kit so that it can put it out to the clients at each individual site? Please help, thanks! Randy
  8. Hello, I am still having trouble with the expired license keys. I know that when the client with the expired license key is suppose to get the new key from the Kaspersky Administration Kit automatically, but it is not working :/ I tried updating the network agent on the clients too, and it still will not get the new key. What can I do to fix this?
  9. Thank you for the quick response, so there is nothing that I have to push out to the client computers that have an expired license on it? What happens if we have multiple "newer" licenses installed on the Admin Kit?
  10. Hello, We are running the Kaspersky Administration Kit Version 8.0.2090. We have about 200 licenses that are about to expire, and I just purchased / install the new license key. My question is, what is the easiest way to push out the new licenses. Is there a way to create a task where a client connects and if they have the old license that it will be replaced by the new one, and if they have a new key to ignore that task. What is the best way to handle this? Thanks! Randy
  11. Hello, We currently have Kaspersky Admin Kit Version 6.0.1591 that is installed on our Windows 2003 Server. Most of our client computers have Windows XP SP2, but we are now starting to get a few laptops with Windows 7 Professional installed. My question is: is our current setup compatible, or do we have to upgrade. If we do upgrade, what version should we purchase, and what is the process to run the upgrade? Will all of our current laptops that had version 6.0.1591 be ok, or will they have to be upgraded too? Thank you Randy
  12. Thank you for the help derfraenk. I was able to change the policy like you said. The strange thing is that I do not see the changes on the workstation computer. I tried re syncing them and also restarting them, but I do not see the policy take affect. Is there a way to force it manually? or does it take a certain time? Thanks! Randy
  13. Hello, I have Admin Kit 6 installed, and I was wondering if there was a way to disable all of the Anti-Spy Pop Up Blocker on all of the laptops that had Kaspersky Anti Virus pushed out to them. Is this possible? Thanks! Randy
  14. I have Update K and it still doesnt work. I still have a few Windows processes that are showing up with the Kaspersky Ant-Hacker notification.
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