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  1. I never said anything about Antivirus. My boss prefer to disable Kaspersky Firewall and just use its Antivirus + Windows Firewall. I said him, Kaspersky Firewall is more advanced and better than Windows Firewall!!! Am I on a right track? If yes, Please show me some advantages of Kaspersky Firewall and that Windows Firewall not has it.
  2. Hello. Why firewall must be enabled? Why windows firewall not better? My boss said me I must disable Kaspersky firewall but I said we must not do it. Can you show me some reasons for tell him? Thank you.
  3. Kaspersky conflict with SATA Driver.

    I guess you can find the version via above photo. It is installed. I just want to know is "SiWinAcc.sys" is for Microsoft or for other companies like Intel?
  4. Kaspersky conflict with SATA Driver.

    I installed Kaspersky just with other parameters. It does not matter to "encryption components".
  5. Kaspersky conflict with SATA Driver.

    I see two parameters : 1- FileEncryption 2- DiskEncryption Which one must be disabled?
  6. Kaspersky conflict with SATA Driver.

    I guess you should provide a template not just an empty "setup.ini" like "http://media.kaspersky.com/utilities/CorporateUtilities/KES10_setup_ini.zip" !!!
  7. Kaspersky conflict with SATA Driver.

    How? I just run setup and it show me above error. I never see any option for select!!!
  8. Kaspersky conflict with SATA Driver.

    I knew it but How can I solve it?
  9. Hello. I want to install Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 on Windows 7 64-bit but it show me an error about conflict with "SiWinAcc.sys" driver. I updated my BIOS but problem exist. Any idea to solve it? Thank you.
  10. I have same problem too and I reinstall Kaspersky but problem not solved . I use Windows Xp x64 and can you provide me more information? The poer 13000 and 140000 are open on my Security Center. Tnx.
  11. Please see the attachment. I used "klnagchk" and in "Location of update agents" option it show me a wrong location. How can I change it?
  12. No, I can't. My Security Center setting is wrong and it have not any Klmover utility.My Clients read security center configuration and if it is wrong, They will use incorrect options. As I said, I can't change "Update Agents" setting How can I solve it?
  13. Hello Folks. How are you? I use Kaspersky security center 10 and when I use "klnagchk.exe" , It show me a wrong agents location. How can I change it? For change it I used http://support.kaspersky.com/9312 but my console can't let me to remove or add computer!!! buttons are disabled!!!!!! How can I solve it? My clients are out of date Cheers.