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  1. Hi and thanks for the reply. I'll get a GSI report from one of the machines having this problem. I do not see any events like this on the KSC server
  2. Several of my users are getting the "Previous Application Startup failed" box appear on their laptops. This can appear as soon as they log on or at any point during their working day. Reinstalls have been done on some of them but this has made no difference. KES is Version 10 SP 1 MR2 ( Network Agent 10.2.434 e
  3. I was having a few issues with 2 of my 4 SVM's so I decided i'd create new ones with the 3.0 SP1 installed. Creating them was fine however now none of my virtual servers are getting updates or reporting back to my KSC server. How do I make the Virtual servers use the newly created SVM's?
  4. I have managed to install KES so I at least now have AV however I still cannot install the Network Agent. While watching the progress bar it seems to copy all the files, install and then fail on "Registering" it's at that point I get the error and the install rolls back
  5. When I run the install from the KSC Full install that I just downloaded from Kaspersky site I get a box saying "Error while installing: The product was not installed correctly.." the install then rolls back.
  6. Thanks for the response. Attached are the logs you asked for as a .zip file. Yes I have uninstalled the Network agent as well. agent.zip
  7. Hi, I am trying to installing Kaspersky Endpoint Protection and Kaspersky Network Agent on a Windows 10 computer. This machine used to have Kaspersky installed but due to various issues with KES taking up 90% of the CPU even when it wasn't doing anything I decided to uninstall and reinstall. Uninstall went fine, I've checked and there are no traces of the old version installed, have had a look through registry and program files. However when I try to install it from the server it says the computer is offline (which it's not) so I tried running the stand alone installer that I created and this fails on the Agent install step. All I get is the very useful error "Fatal error during installation" I have looked at the log file that Kaspersky creates during install and this also just says "Fatal error during installation" anyone able to help? Attached is the $klpkinst log Version's are 10.2.434 agent, KES _klpkinst.log _klpkinst.log
  8. Don't worry I've resolved this myself
  9. I ran the trace but only the $up2date-1093.log file was produced not the -eka one. I have attached the log file I have _up2date_1093.log
  10. Done that too. but the update task still fails. I've checked our firewall and there are no specific rules to allow Kaspersky updates from the old server only so I don't think it's an issue with anything being blocked by that.
  11. Recreated the task twice using the default settings
  12. When I navigate to that address in Internet Explorer I get a Kaspersky Labs site offering me Russian or English. then 3 options, Kaspersky Lab Products, Kaspersky Lab documentation and Kaspersky Lab products beta version.
  13. We are able to get out to the internet fine on the KSC server and do not use a proxy server
  14. Thanks for the quick response. It's the Update to repository task. I have recreated the task choosing the default options but this still fails. Attached is the export of the task results Update_fail.txt
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