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  1. I'm not in the position to follow any of your suggestion. My initial questions still stand: If this is the case (response to a network attack), I can try to explain to customers that application downtime is due to their LAN insecurity. In the meantime I need to find a quick solution if the problem would arise again in the future. I configured our application as trusted after installing KIS. I need to configure that option as non-changeable. Is there a way?
  2. Here's the link: GSI and here is the archive file: GetSystemInfo_D0202_DOSS_2015_06_08_10_24_52.zip
  3. It's not happening on my PC, but on several customers' machines, on which I don't have always a direct access. I'll see if I can run the SystemInfo utility on one of these PCs.
  4. Hi to all, since yesterday I'm having a strange problem on several PCs around the world (USA, India, China), used on some production machines, with KIS installed, regularly licensed. The customers call me and say that our application doesn't start anymore. After some inquiries I discovered that KIS has moved that application in the Untrusted applications group. It seems to be the consequence of a network attack, blocked by KIS, from the LAN the PCs is in, since I see it in the report. In the logs I see that several applications, including notepad.exe, are moved to the Untrusted group, and later to the Trusted group again. But that is not happening with our application, which remains among the Untrusted, until I manually change the settings in Application control. My question is: is this the standard response by KIS to a network attack? Is there a way to prevent an application to be judged as Untrusted? S. Polini
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