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  1. Hello, We use Exchange Web Access for our mail, it is delivered over https in a browser (IE9 or IE10, and Chrome on older machines). Because it is in https, the email contents and attachments are not scanned by our (SonicWall) firewall, and only scanned by Kaspersky when they are opened on the client machine. We have been hit 5 times by the Crypto Virus as a result of users opening dodgy zip files. Is there anyway I can use KSC/KES to block a user opening a ZIP file all together? Regards, Stephen
  2. Hi Kravtsov, I hadn't realised I wasn't on the latest version of KSC. I did more digging last night, and found this out. I have since updated to MR1 of KSC, and converted the policies again. I can confirm it is all working now, and I will start rolling out the update to all clients. Could you confirm that if I have a PC with Win7 Home Prem (now unsupported by v10), that it's installation of v8 will remain in place after the deployment task has been rolled out? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Minty.
  3. Hi MikroTik, Thanks for the suggestion. I have just watched the applicable parts of the presentation. I think I followed this pretty closely. I have KSC v10.0.3361 installed, and followed the part to convert tasks and policies. The only thing I think I haven't done, is create a task for automatic deployment. If I do create an automatic deployment task, will it skip any Windows 7 Home machines, as support for that OS has been dropped? Would creating this auto deployment task fix the issue with the v10 policies not applying? As it states in the tutorial, v8 and v10 machines will both talk to v10KSC, and they are doing...it is just the v10 policies I have an issue with. Thanks, Minty.
  4. Hello, I am in the process of upgrading our 250 end machines to v10.2.1.23, which is the latest available in my Security Centre options. Most of the users are still on v8. The v8 Policies are still working on the machines with KES 8 installed. I have converted the v8 policies to v10 policies, but they are not applied to the machines with v10 installed. I have also set up v10 policies from scratch, again these are not applied to the machines with v10 installed. So far I have only upgraded about 10 machines, but I would like to get the policies working on them ASAP, before I upgrade the rest. I have also tried a complete removal of v8 on the client, and fresh install, rather than an in place upgrade. I have removed a v10 machine from the Group it is in, then moved it back and forced it to sync. The Security Centre sees the v10 machines and their software versions, and the status of the v10's all looks ok. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Minty
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