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  1. Hello everyone, The problem is known, we are currently investigating the possible causes. Please do not hesitate to contact technical support if you are experiencing any issues logging into MyKaspersky.
  2. Hello everyone, This problem was already reported to developers a while ago [bug 1679874], we are currently investigating the possible causes. We highly encourage you to contact Tech Support in case you experience this issue.
  3. Hello, RustyM! Please tell me number of your request to Technical Support. It should look like INC000000xxx
  4. https://my.kaspersky.com вот здесь можно создать запрос в ТП и приложить логи. После создания сообщите номер. Спасибо!
  5. Hello, Please contact Technical Support @ center.kaspersky.com and tell me number of incident via PM.
  6. Hello everyone, It seems to be a known problem in Total Force Upgrade (upgrade using the popup in product). Either try to install KIS 2016 manually (download and install from here) or do following beforehand: 1. Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ 2. Rename cm_km_w.sys driver to cm_km_w.bak We are deeply sorry for inconvenience caused. This problem will be fixed with one of the following patches.
  7. Well, it happens Though we have fixed couple of similar issues with yahoo mail and Anti-Banner recently, possibly they took effect only now on your machine.
  8. Hello everyone, That seems to be a false-detect. Ajay S: Could you please provide traces for me. To do that: 1. Go to Support tab (located in the main window in the lower left) - Support Tools - Enable traces. 2. Close FF. 3. Open FF and go to your yahoo mail and make sure problem still reproduces. 4. Disable tracing. 5. Go to C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab, archive generated .log files and send me as PM. By the way, does only 'Compose' feature fail to work? Or is there any other?
  9. Hello everyone, This is a known problem [bug: 1268652]. It will be fixed in MR1 patch, which will be released in January (hopefully). As a temporary solution please either delete Trusteer or use beta-version: http://devbuilds.kaspersky-labs.com/KAVKIS... Codes and other info regarding beta-version can be found here: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=161942
  10. Добрый день, Mr. Kazak! Спасибо за присланную информацию. Передали проблему разработчикам.
  11. Добрый день, Запрос можно не создавать. Это известная проблема (1155836). К сожалению, пока информации о дате выхода решения нет. Спасибо за информацию!
  12. Добрый день, Детект есть: object is infected by Trojan-Dropper.JS.Scatter.u Возможно, причина в другом. Необходимо создать запрос в Техническую Поддержку: https://my.kaspersky.com Сообщите здесь номер Вашего запроса. // тему перенес
  13. Hello everyone, Problem should be fixed with latest database update. Please update KIS\KAV\KTS and restart browser.
  14. Проблему исправили. Пожалуйста, обновите антивирусные базы, перезапустите браузер и проверьте, осталась ли проблема.
  15. Доброе утро, Спасибо всем отписавшимся. Мы уведомили ответственных за этот компонент сотрудников, надеемся, в ближайшее время починят. Я дополнительно отпишусь по результатам.
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