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  1. Hey @K-SNAFU that is good news I'll try it out! Presume you are talking about a .cfg export from KIS v19.0.0.1088(d) ? wgcuser
  2. Does that created .cfg contain the Bank / Safe Money LINKS?? Before updating create a text file with the required links? Before updating create folder of Favorites /Bookmarks in your browser?
  3. Or is it a Google Chrome update what fixed it? - Who ever "did the trick" - 13 pages of Thanks!
  4. @mikethebike I cannot remember if this version came as part of my renewed subscription (27.11.18) there is a setup(1).exe in my downloads close to renewal date. My records show that I had been using a since 16.06.18 and it was downloaded by me. The (1) indicates a second download and probable re-install last November. This is what I see when I follow your instructions:- Clicking the highlighted ? I read " Clicking this link opens the website from which you can download the application version that is intended for use in your region. This link is not available in all versions of the application". Further clicking does not seem to lead to any opportunity for downloading anything!! The URL of this help page is:- https://help.kaspersky.com/KIS/2019/en-US/70155.htm As I said earlier, I think the statements about an EU Version are to do with GDPR and the information that KL collects from its users, especially if they tick boxes in:- Settings >Additional>Notifications I think KL are NOT unique as far as software manufacturers are concerned when it comes to GDPR compliance, as fines for infringement can be heavy and they are just covering their backs. I seem to recall when I saw EU version being mentioned last year, that I asked KL what it was all about - cannot remember if I got an answer - if I'm wrong, I apologise .
  5. I am located in the U.K. (currently "In Europe")! I see no reference to my version of KIS ( and the geographical area of use, as described in previous posts. I suspect that "..... not intended for Europe....." Is a reference to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and perhaps, whether or not the various options in Settings >Additional>Notifications are GDPR compliant. It is my understanding that GDPR will continue in the U.K., and is not dependent on any In/Out Hard/Soft Brexit Good luck to anyone who attempts to interpret GDP Regulations - nightmare!
  6. @mikethebike Thanks for your observation - the image of the Entrust Certificate was taken a week or so ago. I've checked the problem again today and can confirm the the "Cannot Guarantee..." error (if it be an error) still appears along with an Entrust Certificate which had a valid date range - strangely, just abandoned this reply to re-check AND still a valid date range but no error message. All very strange and has been going on for years.
  7. Logging into online banking with KIS + Safe Money on Dell PC + Windows 10 Pro 32 bit 1083 + Google Chrome v71.0.3578.98. Frequently the following appears:- Clicking the padlock in the address bar and ‘View Certificates’ selected. Information similar to the following is displayed! What is the message "Cannot Guarantee......." all about? Can anyone explain, please?
  8. Also, @wguru Same with my wife's HP Mini 110-3100 - KIS has never "fitted" the screen since we started using the HP / KIS combo 5/6 years ago. Did manage to find another unofficial driver which makes matters slightly better. Alas, I think it's the screen that prevented us trying Win10, so just another 12 months of supported Win 7.
  9. @temp2018 @arleetel I notice that my version of Google Chrome is 71.0.3578.98 . However the Kaspersky Support Page https://support.kaspersky.com/14340 seems to stop short of support at Google Chrome v 48 – 64. Does this help? BR
  10. @mikethebike Items that open up on clicking Green Icon:- This is with IE, a similar list opens when using Chrome. BR wgcuser
  11. @mikethebike Hope the screen grabs explain? My other problems I'll leave for another my own post on another day! Above ~ Image of site using IE Above ~ Image of site using Google Chrome
  12. @mikethebike Over the years I too have had (several) "problems" with the combo of KIS Safe Money and my bank's website! I notice that with Google Chrome as my browser - there is no faint keyboard (which I take to be the Secure Data Input) in any of my bank's login boxes. If, however, Internet Explorer is set as the browser for Safe Money - then the box appears!! This seems to be the case using both Windows 10 Pro 32 bit and Windows 7 Starter, KIS and Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (32-bit) wgcuser
  13. @mikethebike My previous post on this topic related to my experience with win 7 starter, -chrome 71.0.3578.98 & KIS on an HP Note Book I've nw started my Desktop Win 10 Pro 1083 same KIS and Chrome and I find that the Safe Keyboard Input does not appear to operate with my Barclays Bank Site. [Previously I've had to exclude this site from using Safe Keyboard as I found security characters being carried over into (aka repeated ) in the wrong fields/boxes! - but now this appears to have been corrected] However - Safe Keyboard excluded or not, the option to use is not presented! Perhaps it's some interaction between newer versions of KIS and Chrome?
  14. @mikethebike Re the Shield I notice that the Green Shield appears on :normal' Chrome if the Kaspersky Extension is enabled via the Chrome Tools Menu. Strangely with the extension On or Off with 'normal' chrome use, When chrome is used as the browser for Safe Money the Kaspersky extension is Off hence no shield. It can be turned on by the Tools Menu Safe money can use other browsers.
  15. @richbuff I'll read that page and keep an eye on the win10 system and see if this notification keeps reappearing. BTW my KIS19 had upgraded from patch c to d a few hours before notification appeared. BR
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