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  1. Хочется: иметь возможность заранее задавать и передавать в командной строке список доверенных приложений AVGuard, на которые бы не распространялись его ограничения. Спасибо. P.S. СтоИт вопрос, как защищать этот файл от подлога вирусом (параноя) - допустим, генерировать файл из AVZ при работающем AVGuard, подписывать цифровой подписью от пути AVZ, имени машины, и блокировать перезапись этого файла при работающем AVGuard.
  2. I did a clean install from KIS 2011 to KIS 2012 (ie. I uninstalled 2011 first). Ever since then my PC freezes every so often at random intervals in the middle of doing routine things - eg. saving an Excel file means a 5 second lag before it actually saves, opening a new browser page (Firefox or Chrome) means no response for a few seconds until it catches up with itself. Even now, just typing this post means the text freezes on the screen intermittently and I have no other applications open. I'm running a reasonably high-spec machine with 4GB RAM and a fast processor - never had any problems with KIS2011 but I've noticed 100% CPU through Process Manager by avp.exe. There seems to be a definite problem looking at this board with 64 bit installs. Has this been acknowledged/is it being addressed in a fix or should I go back to 2011?
  3. thanks. btw, if anyone has an (unofficial ) technique (autoit or otherwise) which works, please pm me. thanks!
  4. is there a way to automate the installation of kis 6.0? i've tried autoitv3, but it seems to ignore control commands during the "setup wizard".
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