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  1. INC000010552606 Thanks for you help. Very critical issue.
  2. More informations: I added a new policy on the KSC and I can see it on the Web Console but I still cannot create a new one from web console.
  3. Hello, I have an issue creating a policy for the KES11 product. I installed the management plugin. The creation is available from the KSC but not in the web console. I restarted the host, all the services are running but still not available. KSC: https://imgur.com/CXeu9Jg Web Console: https://imgur.com/8ho1LrX Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Build officiel) (64 bits) KSC Best regards
  4. Sorry you can move it to "Web Console"
  5. Hi, Little bug not very important but when I cancel a new policy during the creation process the window keeps foreground and blank. https://imgur.com/F1lo93S I need to press Escape key or click on the cross upper right. Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Build officiel) (64 bits) KSC Best regards
  6. Thank you @martinez99 Just to be sure I have my folder \\kasperskysrv\share\Packages\KES11_11....\ and inside there is another folder "exec". I need to put the .msp inside the "exec" folder and then create a new installation package is it right? I saw that a "Bases" folder is also inside for the DB updates. Best regards
  7. Hello, I'm randomly facing issues with KES 11 installations where some protection modules don't start. After applying PF5049 all is ok. Can I generate a custom package with the PF5049 included or not? If yes how to? Thanks in advance for your help Best regards
  8. Not for the moment but it's planned.. The problem occured with older versions of KES so I don't think a version of KSC or KES will change something.. Have you never faced this issue with other users!? Does the BADUSB module has some exceptions with hardware ID maybe? Thanks
  9. .. I think I need to sleep.. KES10SP2 - (MR1) KNA10 - 10.4.343 (SF1;a;) Best regards
  10. Which one? Software version? HW version? ... Thanks
  11. Dear Konstantin, R400 and R700 (main). Thanks and hope we'll find a solution soon Best regards
  12. Hello, Could someone give me a trick to allow the "Logitech USB presenters" without scan by the BADUSB module? We have a lot of users including CEOs that are always asking for passwords when they need to animate a conference in front of hundred of people and each time they forget to use the on-screen keyboard (yes I know.. memory..) and so the "sh*t antivirus" that I installed is the problem bla bla bla... Just need to get rid of this issue and everyone will be happy. Thanks in advance for your help Best regards
  13. After analyzing the issues for me the error was that the Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Integration Server wasn't started correctly.. I restarted the service and all has been resolved. Hope this will help.. Best regards
  14. Hello, Any news about this issue? This appeared on our infrastructure since this morning after the patch_10_4_343_nagent_sf1 applied to the VDI computers.. All the SVM are ok and up to date. The patch has also been deployed on the KSC.. Thanks for your help Best regards
  15. Thank you for your fast reply. Best regards
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