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  1. I appreciate the response. I've included a screenshot of the Result. I ran it with both paths C:/program and C:/program(X86) since C:/program doesn't have a Kaspersky Folder. Here's the link in case the attachment can't be read.
  2. I reinstalled Pure 3.0 (pur13.0.2.558EN_4227.exe) last week because my PWM kept crashing on startup, been having issues ever since Patch C. The reinstall didn't fix it so I just stopped using it but today I find the context menu is missing the option to Scan for viruses. Is there some way to get it back because I really don't want to go through the whole un/reinstall process a 3rd time. Any help would be much appreciated because I'm about at the end of my patience with this program.
  3. I finally got Patch D installed and the expiration date bug is fixed but PWM is still having issues. Support Tab shows version No matter how I go about it,the window that launches on startup, through the Kaspersky window, or through the browser icon, I can't log in without getting the error screen that says an unknown error has occurred in PWM. If I hit the send, do not send, or Close button, PWM locks and I can't use it at all. I've sent in a few reports over the past week but haven't heard back which is why I'm trying this avenue. If I leave the window alone I can at least see and copy PW but not all of them as some of them are still greyed out and I have to go into edit mode to get them, fewer still show nothing but stars as well. I can delete those entries create new and enter the PW that my Last pass copies when Kaspersky's PWM autologs in but that's a real headache. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks in advance, Tob
  4. Figures. I was able to import everything , including the issues, lol. Still couldn't see anything other than stars and the expatriation problem was still there. Either way I'm done. Once my license expires I'll switch to another product. This is just ridiculous. I'd be much more forgiving if they'd just keep us informed but at this rate it's safest to assume they really don't care how much trouble this causes their customers.
  5. So the 29th has come and gone. Any news on a new date? I REALLY need to get into my PWM database. I'm having to use Gmail instead of my Email client and that's just one example.
  6. Since the previous thread was closed by bckasman, I'm starting this one for people to share possible workarounds until we have a fix. Sticky Password is made by the same company that created PWM for Kaspersky and some folks have had some luck importing there PW database using this program. I'm going to try it mysellf shortly and will report back any progress. Update: Well it imports fine but the problem is still there, which means this isn't an easy fix because it's in the 3rd party program. It either has to be fixed by them or Kaspersky has to tear it all apart and find out what's wrong. Not an excuse but a reasonable reason for the length of time it's taking.
  7. Being without all my application passwords is really getting to be a problem and seeing how this may take awhile, does anyone know how to export the Kaspersky PWM database or some other way to transfer them to another PWM?
  8. Any word on this? I'm having the same issue. Shows expired 1601, won't let me change expiration, can't update passwords or see them(which means I can't copy and paste either). Have far too many PW's to start over. I've included the screenshot and GSI Report as requested. Hopefully this is resolved soon. Has anyone tried reinstalling without updating to see if that will work in the interim? GetSystemInfo_GHOSTWALKER_Tob_2013_10_19_10_21_29.zip
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