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  1. I started a debug trace from command-line, then tried to run the task. As soon as it failed, i stopped the trace. attached are all the log files generated. thank you trace_20140407.zip
  2. It's attached.. Thank you. (or am I supposed to upload it to getsysteminfo.com? is it bad for that file to be on a public forum like this?) GetSystemInfo_PTC_DB1_turaym0_2014_04_07_11_10_00.zip
  3. Hello- On my admin server, I've been getting the following error every hour: I checked the tech support link, which says there may not be enough resources free. The CPU avgs around 30%, and there is about 6.5gb RAM free. Oddly, there isn't even anything in quarantine for the task to scan. What other possible causes could there be for this recurring error? Thanks -- michael~
  4. Well this is interesting.. but can't confirm that it's a definite cause/fix.. I noticed in our client computer list that one random machine was an Update Agent. There is setting in the Admin Server Properties -> Settings to "Automatically assign computers Update Agent status". I cleared that checkbox, and confirmed that the random workstation was no longer an Update agent. Then tried to deploy KES thru the "Automatic Installation" task, and boom - completely normal deployment time. Possible cause/fix? -- michael~
  5. I am also experiencing the same problem. It happens whether the install begins from the "Automatic Installation" task, or a manually created "Task for specific computer". When I run the setup directly from the KLShare directory, it copies/installs normally. I'm watching the "copying" process now; in Task Manager on the target computer, the network traffic is a steady average of 1.48mbps. (Server is 2008R2, target OS Win7 32bit). This problem only began with KES10 MR1 (v10.2.1.23). Previous versions deployed without the delay.
  6. Yes, I prefer to not store expanding databases on my system drive. I would rather have the SQL data file on my data drive. Is there a relatively easy way to move that? If I used SQL Management Studio to move the data file, would the Admin Server still function correctly?
  7. Ok I've moved the share folder and updated it in Admin Console.. We have approx 110 workstations, should I be concerned about the SQL db data file on my system drive? Is there an easy way to move that to my data drive as well? I've moved every workstation over to the new server (creating a task to Change Admin Server), but for some reason the old server kept taking the workstations back. I stopped the KAV SQL instance and stopped the Admin service on the old server. So from here, I should be good, right? Running solely from the new server? Thanks
  8. I re-installed using the "Typical" settings option, and it installed and seems to have restored the database correctly (all policies and machines are listed), and I'm about halfway through re-assigning all workstations to use the new Admin server. However, I would very much prefer not to have the database and share folder stored on my system drive. Is there any way to move it to my data drive? Thanks
  9. I've attached the backup and restore log files.. both completed successfully. The backup took about 5mins, the restore took about 30 seconds. When installing, I used all of the defaults, except for specifying a different KSC install path (using E:\Kaspersky Lab\..., instead of C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\...). 2.6.14.backup.log 2.6.14.restore.log
  10. Hello -- I'm trying to move my admin server db to a new machine (new name, new IP, new folder location). I ran klbackup on the current server, which took about 5mins and created a 1.6gb folder structure, which I copied to a temp folder on the new server. Then I installed the latest KSC 10.1.249 on the new server and canceled out of the initial setup wizard. However, when I ran klbackup -restore, it took about 10seconds, said it completed successfully, but didn't seem to restore anything (the KSC was empty when I opened it). Did I miss any steps? Is this not a supported backup/restore option? Do I have to manually copy the database from SQL Server? Help! Thanks in advance -- michael~
  11. Thank you for the reply. Yes, the update source is set to Security Center (with Kaspersky Lab update servers unchecked). And klnagchk runs fine on all machines that are reporting the error (one example): Attempt to connect to the Administration Server...OK Attempt to connect to the Network Agent...OK Network Agent is running Receiving the Network Agent's statistical data...OK Network Agent's statistical data: Total number of synchronization requests: 141 The number of successful synchronization requests: 141 Total number of synchronizations: 141 The number of successful synchronizations: 141 Date/time of the last request for synchronization:10/21/2013 3:27:59 PM GMT (10/21/2013 11:27:59 AM) Deinitializing basic libraries...OK C:\program files\kaspersky lab\networkagent\klnagchk exited on asc-reg02 with error code 0.
  12. Hello -- I have my clients set to download updates from the KSC repository, but my logs have been filling up with the following: Event name Internal task error Severity: Critical event Application: Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows Version number: Task name: Download update Computer: *** Group: Locked Time: Monday, October 21, 2013 6:48:59 AM Name of virtual Server: Description: Event type: Internal task error Result: No update source specified Some machines will have just one or two events, but a couple machines will have around 50 of these messages logged in about 1 minute. There is no connectivity issue with the admin server, and the machines will eventually receive the updates. Has anyone else seen this problem? What could be a cause for it? Thanks -- michael~
  13. Hello -- I have a VNC program that I'm trying to copy to a server folder, but KAV8 (wsee) deletes it immediately and reports "Threat detected: Riskware not-a-virus:RemoteAdmin.Win32.WinVNC.tr. Object name: E:\Software\_IT_Tools\LSRemote\lsremote.exe//UPX//data0085.res" I already have the default exclusion "not-a-virus:RemoteAdmin*" in the policy and I've tried adding an exclusion on the target folder where I'm trying to copy the file. Still no good. I've read thru relevant posts here, but I can't seem to figure it out. Can anyone offer a suggestion as to what I could be missing here? Thank you. -- michael~
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