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  1. A few months ago we upgraded from KSC 9/KES 8 to KSC 10/KES 10 Advanced for the added functionality of Workstation Management (3rd party updates, Windows Updates). We have had nothing but problems with these features since. Most recently, as part of our own troubleshooting, we spun up a new server (2008 R2) and did a clean install of 10. I recreated all of the policies by hand and then re-installed the Network Agent from this new server. The core issue that we are having is that Windows Updates either will not run, or will not run with any consistency. For example, Our most recent maintenance window was early this morning (1:30 AM) and Windows Updates were scheduled to run at that time. We had an issue where that task and the Admin Server Backup task were set to run at the same time, which caused the Windows Update task to fail. I made sure last night that there were not going to be any of these conflicts this time. So, I get in this morning to check the completion rate of the task and find that it only ran on 5 of 127 machines and the rest say "Scheduled" as the status. Here is the odd thing. If I run a "For specific computers" task that is setup the same way as the group task is, and only run it on 15-20 machines, it works great whether I schedule it to run or I start it manually. There are no entries in the server Event Logs or the workstation Event Logs that pertain to this and the task shows no errors either. No tasks that were set to run before or after Windows Updates show any errors. Support wants trace files in order to escalate but I can't get those until next weeks maintenance window, thus I am reaching out to you fine folks. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I will do my best to respond to any questions or suggestions as quickly as possible.
  2. As of today, when KSC 10 opens a Windows Explorer window to have me point to a file, say for an installation package or a custom tool, the program crashes. Attached is the error that I get with the crash. I have reinstalled KSC a couple of times now with no change. Windows 7 Pro x64 Core i7 8GB RAM Thank you in advance for any helpful information.
  3. It is a much better work around to add specific sites to your Safe Site list. Disabling the Web Anti-Virus is disabling a major component of the system and highly advised against (despite what support is telling people).
  4. Same issue. Seeing if a rollback works. Does anyone know how to disable automatic updates in KES 9?
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