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  1. Hi After installing CCleaner (cleaner) vs 54.2 and then 54.3, as soon as within cleaner 'run cleaner' is clicked (and the consent given in the 'are you sure you want to delete these items...' box) cleaner immediately closes down - other functions within cleaner (e.g. 'analyse' and 'registry cleaner') apparently function as normal. However, after exiting KTS18.0.O.405h, cleaner works perfectly, and when KTS is then activated again, cleaner continues to function apparently as normal. Therefore, it seems that KTS is killing off cleaner in some way when cleaner is installed with KTS activated/running. So, any ideas what's going on? Thanks.
  2. Hi Using Windows 10 (vs 1709, and now 1803), I have an administrator account and a standard account, of which I am the only user, and both are password protected (with different passwords). Windows used to allow users to be signed in to both accounts at the same time. However, with Win10, I see that I can only be logged in to one account at any one time. Therefore, when I’m logged in to my Std account, I’m fairly sure I’m not logged in to my Admin account – at least, as far as I can tell, I’ve had to log out of the Admin account before I can log in to the Std account, so assume the Admin account is not active when I’ve logged in to the Std account, and vice versa. However, here’s the problem. I can log in and out of each account without issue. However, when I log out of each account I occasionally get a message above the Windows icon stating that other users will lose any unsaved work, do I want to log out anyway? When this happens, I am the only user and have already closed off any documents I’ve been working on. In control panel > user accounts > manage another account, only my two accounts are shown, therefore, does this suggest that another user is active in my account which is hidden from view? This does seem suspicious to me. Therefore, is it possible for a hidden user to be active in either of my accounts, and can KTS18 detect them, or is there is there some other way of finding out if they are active? Thanks
  3. Hi It's been nearly two weeks now and I still can't access my account settings - does anyone know what's going on? I simply want to change my password to enhance my account security.
  4. I still can't change my password. Is there somebody in charge of the forum platform that I contact to report this problem?
  5. Hi When I click on 'account setting' to change my Forum password, I get taken to a page with this message on it: Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: IPS\Login\Handler\Standard::$icon in /usr/local/www/data/system/Theme/Theme.php(824) : eval()'d code on line 7527 KLabs tech help have said it's nothing to do with them, I need to ask the Forum. Therefore, how can I change my password? Thanks
  6. I had tried that before I posted my request. All it did was take me to a fixit tool that couldn't diagnose or fix the problem. Anyway, it seems to be resolved now because all I did was uncheck load KTS18 at startup, exit KTS18, reboot, open and activate office (apparently successfully, as it hasn't asked to be activated again), and then start KTS18; so it seems as though KTS was blocking access to the server.
  7. Hi I'm trying to activate Office 365 but can't do it because as seen in the attached screenshot office cannot connect to the server. Therefore, how can I allow office to connect? Thanks
  8. Hi Indio Thank you for your reply. However, tech support had already given a solution by suggesting to add the gumtree site to the exclusions in web antivirus settings. This solution has resolved the issue for now, by allowing payments to be made on the site, but presumably, omitting the site from scans does not bode well for security/protection online. Regards.
  9. Hi Using the latest/updated versions of Google Chrome and Win10 Home (vs 1709), over the last couple of months KTS18(d) has started blocking making payments on Gumtree. I can compile an advert but when I select 'Post Ad' the process should go to the make a payment page, but the page just keeps reverting back to the same advert compilation page. However, when pausing KTS the payment page appears and payment can be made without issue. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. Hi, Thank you for your replies. Indio, i have an honor 5x mob, but don't know which the home button is. Also, syncing the address from my PC is a good idea but typically kpm doesn't work on my PC. Berny, yes, i have the forum website, login name and password saved. Sounds like that's a problem.
  11. Hi I try to save the kasp lab support website in KPM but can't save it. Specifically, i enter it by going to the kasp support sign in page, long pressing on the web address, selecting copy, going to Kpm, and in the website url field long pressing to bring up paste, then selecting paste. The website is entered in the field and i enter the other details such as password. The problem is that when i then select save, an error comes up saying the info in the website field must be unique, then nothing happens, so all i can do is stop the attempt. So, how can i get it to save the kasp support address? Thanks PS this is on my mobile so i can't take a screenshot of the error box
  12. Hi Keith2468, If you contact tech support due to e.g. no replies on the forum, please post back any helpful response as i would like to know the answer. Regards
  13. Thanks for your replies Indio but i have no idea whether they have answered my question. In the absence of any other replies I'll contact tech support. Thanks
  14. Thanks Indio, So does that mean i can use safe money on its own, or when using safe money do i have to use VPN as well to be safe when accessing a bank site? Thanks
  15. Hi Kasp have sent out news that wifi hubs are insecure. Therefore, they advise using their VPN / secure network. Correct me if I'm wrong but i understand that their secure network protects all traffic accessing the web whereas safe money protects traffic just in the browser. Therefore, question: if i access a bank website using safe money, is there any need to use VPN secure network as well just to access the bank site or is just using safe money OK? Thanks
  16. Thanks MachineFingers Thank you for your advice. In Windows 'programs and features', I found 'system checker', produced by iolo (which doesn't appear in their list of products, oddly enough), so have uninstalled it. Thanks
  17. Richbuff, thank you for deleting the screenshot showing my license key. What are lolo products/apps please? I don't know which products/apps are the lolo ones. Thanks.
  18. Hi Two questions. 1. Any suggestions what to do with the PUP detection's shown in screenshot 1 please? A full scan using KTS18c with 'Threats and exclusions > detect other software that can be used...' selected, revealed nothing. Thanks 2. Clicking the 'Support forum' link shown in screenshot 2 used to take me directly to the KTS forum but now it just goes to the page shown in screenshot 3. Any idea how to get it back to the KTS forum please? Thanks
  19. Hi I've been using Kaspersky Internet Security (Kasperky Mobile Antivirus: Web Security & AppLock) premium version on my Android Mobile for some years now (by virtue of a KTS multi device licence). However, I see that Kaspersky have the 'Kaspersky Security Cloud (KSC)' app now available on the Play Store. Therefore, I'm wondering which one I should have on my mobile: KIS or KSC? Thanks
  20. Hi When I went to a particular website, KTS blocked it, due to it's entry in the KTS database as a phishing site. I clicked the link to allow access if it's believed it was blocked by mistake; doing so because it's a trade association and teaching/learning website to do with my trade. Access to the site was then allowed (using Chrome) but only blue links on a white web page were visible. At that time, KTS then went nuts, activating the windows action centre, notifying me the site was blocked, 1-2 times per second; even occurring after I disabled the network adaptor. However, running CCleaner, clearing the temp folder, using the cleaner in Chrome, and using the other KTS cleanup features, seemed to calm KTS down. However, I wondered what would happen if I tried to get back onto the website. You've guessed it: accessed was allowed straight away, without me clicking the link if I thought it was blocked by mistake, and KTS went nuts again. Therefore, I repeated the cleanup process as before and KTS settled down. Therefore, this suggests that once the link 'click if it was blocked by mistake...' is clicked for a site, KTS remembers that selection for that website and then allows it thereafter. Therefore, how can I get KTS18 'b' to forget my selection and block the site automatically as it did the first time? I'll also run a full scan just in case. Thanks
  21. Also It depends what is meant by 'Kaspersky doesn't mess with book marks at all'. If selected, note that KTS / Privacy Cleaner / Perform additional actions, will delete all bookmarks in Chrome. Regards
  22. Hi I had the same problem and have sent Trace files to tech support to fully resolve the problem. I say 'had' the same problem because I partially resolved the problem myself, and hopefully, tech support can fully resolve it. To determine the problem was related to KTS, I first disabled KTS and tried to update, but the update failed. I then exited KTS completely and then found windows could update successfully. Then, in my case, I found the Win10 update failure was related to 'Encrypted Connections Scanning' - the path is: GUI > settings > additional > network. Specifically, ensure that 'Always scan encrypted connections' is not enabled (I have mine set to scan encrypted connections upon request...), then try to update windows again. If that doesn't work, reboot with 'Always scan encrypted connections' not selected, and try again. I hope that helps and will post tech supports full resolution to the problem if they provide one (i.e. being able to update windows even with always scan... selected, as I could do previously). PS Before I found it was related to the aforementioned scanning, tech supports advice was to turn off the protection components and turn them on one by one, repeating the update process between each component turned on (to determine if it's related to a specific component). You could try that if the scanning option doesn't work.
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