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  1. greetings, i agree with your assertion, with my experience in capturing OS images the Kaspersky way, capturing image of a virtual machine works with no hustle. tested this with VMware ESXi virtual machine & even on VMware workstation.
  2. If you enabled SSO and your password expires, logo into the authentication agent with the old password.You will not be automatically logged into windows but will be prompted for the new password. If entered, KES agent will sync with the new password and upon restart, SSO should work with the new password
  3. I have loved kaspersky's full disk encryption but have one problem with folder encryption. The encrypted self extracting folder format of ".exe" is normally dropped by filters and mail servers. Then I suggest inclusion of email encryption in the encryption suit.
  4. 1. login using old password works fine in agent and new login also works in windows. 2. True, the computers are visible. i have even done manual synchronisation using utility in agent folder.
  5. my domain policy requires password change after 30 days which coincides with the policy in authentication agent. but of recent, when my users change their passwords, they log on with old password in authentication agent and sso fails at windows. from here they log in with the new credentials after which i expect the new password to synchronise in authentication agent but it fails. manually changing the passwords from KSC using the encryption(account mgmt) task also completes with an error or gives the error "task can not start"
  6. i manage a network using KSC 10.1.249 and KES enforcing FDE with SSO enabled. of recent, SSO is not functioning when users passwords expire and changed from A.D. Manual change using the task encryption(Account Management) gives an error "task can not start " or when it runs, completes with an error which is logged in the functional failures with error code "8590D001". Please advice
  7. my license is still valid. attached is the screen shot of KES from a server KES.zip
  8. Am running KSC 10.1.249 and a mixture of KES & KES More than 100 endpoints report on KSC that protection is off and physically from the endpoints, KES is grayed out reporting that protection is not running. From the interface of KES, all protection components are not running. am I really safe? suggestions please.
  9. The user can not logon to Authentication Agent. The user logged on once back onto the domain, and single sign on failed at windows. When they logged into windows using the domain credentials, it was successful but upon restart, the old credentials and domain credentials both failed and like i said before, the KSC reports now that KES is not installed. for the restore utility logs, i need to re-run again, but fails to unlock reporting an error.
  10. Greetings, my users are failing to logon onto laptops where FDE was enabled, and disconnected from the security center for over 30 days. What happens is, as the users are on leave, their passwords expire and are prompted to change. which they do and everything works perfectly but when they return and logon on to the domain, the next logon fails using both old and new passwords. worst scenario is that the security center reports that the machines do not have KES installed yet they appear in encrypted devices. Unlocking using restore utility fails when using both domain credentials and access key. single sign on was enabled. please help.
  11. thanks, from what i see, this applies to File Level Encryption, do you have any insight on what happens in Full Disk Encryption?
  12. backing up was succcessful before but i don't have the latest backup which includes a couple of newly encrypted workstations.
  13. true, am trying to backup the administration server since it's managing encrypted workstations.
  14. hello, i want to change my administration managing encrypted workstations to another new installation of KES using the task "change administration server. am using this option because my old server backup task and backup utility all return error "database corrupted" which i have failed to find a work around but am worried of the encrypted workstations. question: Will the encryption keys of these machines be migrated to the new server? pliz help.
  15. i have tried that as well. it gives the same error.
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