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  1. Hi, You can straight away install KIS 7.0 Regards, SeBerkk
  2. Hi. Like HelMut said, Kaspersky Administration Kit can let you do those. Using Kaspersky Administration Kit, you can manage and monitor all the computer installed with Kaspersky Anti-Virus. You can set a policies where the user cannot change the setting or stop any Kaspersky Anti-Virus process from running. You can download the Kaspersky Administration Kit here : http://www.kaspersky.com/productupdates?chapter=146274756 You can either use version 5.0.1152 or version 6.0.1405, but i suggest you to use version 6. Regards, SeBerkk
  3. Hi. Try this : 1- Uninstall Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2- Set computer time and date to current time and date 3- Install Kaspersky Anti-Virus Regards, SeBerkk
  4. Hi. Do you have any slave server inside that group? If there's a slave server in the group, open the Virus Activity Report properties --> General and click "Configure Settings for Administration server hierarchy". Check the "Include data from slave Kaspersky Administration Server". Set the nesting level based on how many slave server you have. Click OK and Apply. This will generate report for the Group including slave server. Regards, SeBerkk
  5. Hi Mike. What about the firewall on each workstation? Look at the Exception tab on the firewall, check the File and Printer Sharing. Then try to synchronize the workstation. If same problem still occur, at the workstation, open My Computer go to Tools --> Folder options --> View tab --> uncheck "Use simple file sharing", Apply and OK. Hope that will help. SeBerkk
  6. Hi, are there any kaspersky product for Mac OS? Is it only for Windows and Linux?
  7. Hi, I wanna ask something. Are there any kasperky product for Mac OS? Is it only for Windows and Linux only?
  8. Hi. I wanna ask something about update database. Seems like some of my client slave server got problem updating database. I've stop the updating task and check at task manager for Up2date.exe and stop the process. After that i empty the Updates folder and run back the update task. It's running smoothly and all w/s update well. 2 days later i check back the server, the problem came back. The updating fails. Any idea about this problem. My client got about 100+ slave server and it's hard for me to check all the server everytime. Adminkit 5.0.474.0 Server 5.0.57 W/s 5.0.288 SeBerkk
  9. Hi, how to upload dumps? And is this problem effect my hardware or software? Is it effect system too? SeBerkk
  10. Hi, i wanna ask something. I'm using Winxp. After few minutes log in my pc, it goes to blue screen (not really blue screen) and start running dump physical memory. May i know what it's mean? It said something about software and hardware that i've installed. SeBerkk
  11. Hi, I guess u want the workstation to update through server right? If that so, open your adminkit and click the policies. Then double click or right click then choose properties on Policy for Antivirus Workstation. Click the update tab and set the setting like mine :
  12. Hi, i got problem with antivirus database rollback. Some of my client w/s keep rollback the database. I've reinstall back the Kaspersky Antivirus at the w/s and it's working properly after that. Are there any other solutions beside reinstall the AV? Coz my client got around 1000+ w/s. SeBerkk
  13. Hi, i got this error while installing KAV for server. Any idea why this happen?
  14. Latest version for workstation now is 5.0.227. But 1st u need to upgrade to version 5.0.225. Then update from internet for version 5.0.227. Old version may cause the problem that u cant update.
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