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  1. Hi it seems you misunderstood my word there. Actually, as you can see in the picture above, all i want is to let the user freely control the settings on his pc instead of need to make the change at console. As you can see, the option (Enable KSN) are greyed so meaning the user cannot change the settings, so how can i let user freely change the settings on the pc interface? Do i need to change some settings on the cloud console in order to do that?
  2. Dear All, Im currently testing the cloud console, and when comparing to the local console, is it the kaspersky endpoint security cloud web console cannot disable policy control on certain endpoint? meaning on the certain endpoints, i want to let the user to freely control disable enable protection etc. if there a way, can you guide me how to disable this policy control to let the settings can be controlled on endpoint instead of needing to logged and make changes through the web cloud console.
  3. Hi upon reading this, i found out that it is impossible to sync the android device with KSC if the server did not have setup any external connection to the internet. As home user internet in malaysia usually have a random dynamic ip assign to the home user. So i think it is not possible to do what i wanted unless i have somehow ways to connect my device directly to my ksc address (ip)
  4. Good Day everyone, I recently got NFR license for Kaspersky Total Security for Business, is there anyway i can request to convert the license to use the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Solution instead?
  5. Where to check this? on my phone or on KSC? If it on my phone do you mean on Synchronization setting? If yes, the info is as below; Server: Port: 13292 Group: KES10 Corporate Email address: admin@*********
  6. Do you mean, "1Install Unknown Apps"? I Just enable it, and re synchronize with KSC using my home wifi network just now, and once finishes, i disconnect again and tried, but failed again. I didnt know if this help, b ut as screenshot provided at attachement, it seems somehow the command (mugshot) did not make it to my device because the device are not on the same wifi network. or will i need to reinstall the kes?
  7. I have another question, maybe can you assist me? Please bear in mind that, im just a beginner in all of this setup and did not have any knowledge in microsoft Pro products including AD, exchange etc. In short term, i didnt even know how to use those things, and the deployment i done is on windows 10 home, just for testing and learning purposes only. First of all im going to tell you how im setup my KSC. Im setup KSC on my own normal windows 10 Home Laptop on my normal home network. Normal here means no AD, just your basic home user. I installed it on my pc and manually put my pc ip as the server address. 192.168.XXX.XXX. So now, i tried to setup the MDM, for KES for android, i also has enable google cloud messaging (which i have no idea whats the function are for) and install it (KES for Andoird) on my android phone. So now, the phone able to do the synchronization via my home wifi network, but unable to synchronize when the phone are outside of the network or using carrier service. This include that the mugshot function also not working when diconnected from my home wifi network. So now my question, is it impossible to have the phone atleast have a mugshot features or gps tracking function working when the device are disconnected from my wifi network with such setup? did i need something maybe like server that can be access through internet (like normal website on the internet) setup that in order to make it work when it off my home wifi network? i tried to look in the faqs and support section, but it seems most people deploy this solution directly on their company network that are already have a setup to be able accessible from the outside world (internet). So maybe you have experience that might help.
  8. Hi, thanks for the reply, i dont know how this forum ended in mobile security section, as i posted it on business products section. What im refering to is Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android. So not internet security.
  9. Hi and Good Day, in Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, it has a mugshot features. Is this present in KES for android? If yes, is there any instruction on how to enable it?
  10. I tried the said source, but im unable to get hxxp://files2.majorgeeks.com, all i got is the link from hxxp://files1.majorgeeks.com and for files1 kaspersky did not detect anything.
  11. Plus the above replies: Just for a guide to others, Gmail would not allowed you to attach any kind of executable files in its attachment for security reason. If you need anything, you will need to user compressing software such as winzip and winrar and put a password on it. Only then it will be able to be attached to gmail.
  12. is there any chance that the key will get an error like.. the key has exceeded number of installation? Thank you for Everyone respond, im really appreciate that.
  13. Hai everyone, im still new to this kaspersky, so i want to ask if im buying the 3 user license, can i use it on different day? or weeks? for example, the license can be use on 3 pcs right? so im going to use the license on the 1st pc today, and im going to use the license on the 2nd pcs next week and the following 3rd pcs is a week after that...can i do like that or its going to effect my license ? Thankyou for your respon, and please forgive me for my english is not that good
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