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  1. We are testing in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and CentOS 6.8. It works fine, but when I try to view report with Threat name is show a column in blank. I suposse it is a bug, clould you check please? I attach images from reports reports_linux.zip
  2. could you send me a link to download MEicar please?? Tahnks in advabced
  3. You should use Kaspersky for linux file Server.
  4. Could check Please?? http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsite...ernalId=1030463 : :laugh3:laugh3:
  5. Could you check Control Access User, it should be disable
  6. Can you rname this file? And then try to make Backuo again. Cheers :cb_punk: :cb_punk: :cb_punk: :cb_punk:
  7. Hi We have a dude about USB DEVICE Scan when it connected. What is the diference between QUICK SCAN And COMPLETE SCAN, explain main diference please?
  8. Hi We are using a latest version from Kaspersky AV 2012 (spanish Version), also use Terminal Ncomputing L300 in the customer infrastructure, but in the Ncomputing Terminal cannot work because it show only black screen. I create exclusion from files and add all ports used by Ncomputing, but the problem remain. How can I solve it?? Could you help me please?
  9. You are a lucky guy, You are infected by kido worm could you check c:\windows\system32 dir /ash in windows command (cmd) http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208279973
  10. Yes, this folder is hidden. You need to chang properties in Explorer.
  11. I have a big customer he wants to install Administration KIt 5.0.1152 in Cluster Server, but the problem is SSL Certificate and Database Server. Anyone knows how can I install Admin KIT 5.0.1152 in this environment? Thanks Javier
  12. Rcently Kaspersky Update Server (October 11) had problem, and they put a solution in the KAspersky Site , http://www.kaspersky.com/faq?qid=171960733 You can try to do it. Good luck (México)
  13. You can try exporting configuration from a pc working fine and then import this in the PC with inactive status, You need to do it locally Regards (México)
  14. You need to install 1 PC and configure it like ou wish, and then export configuration to file( save like settings.xml). Finally you copy this file to instllation folder fronm KAV 225 and execute setup.exe or silently mode setup.exe /S Javmen (México)
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