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  1. Hi During Installation Kaspersky for Linux Server (Redhat 64bit) i receive Error as below. Setting up the Anti-Virus Service default locale You need to specify a locale the Anti-Virus Service will use when applying the protection settings. It is very important to specify the locale you are using when working with the file system names (in most cases this should be the system default locale). Error: '' is not a valid locale. You can execute 'locale -a' command line to see the list of all available locales. You need to specify a locale the Anti-Virus Service will use when applying the protection settings. Kindly advice how to resolve this issue attached the screen shoot of error message. Thanks Sugu
  2. Hi Vitaly We can log in also to kaspersky console, is there any other way to collect the traces Thanks sugu
  3. Hi Can anybody advice me why this error occurred when log on to the console and how to solve this issue. ERROR_AUTH_COULDNT_T_GET_BUSSINESS_LOGIC_ADDRESS_SUPERVISOR_VAR_RUN_KAV4FS_SUPER VISOR_FOE_PRODUCT_ID_1046 Attached the Screen Shoot of the Error. Thanks and regards Sugu
  4. Hi How to configure kaspersky Workstation policy Anti Hacker component (parental control) to block facebook.com and only allow the end user access at certain time period example: end user client only can serve Facebook website at lunch hour from 1pm to 2pm. At Kaspersky support site tells that there is an option to block Specify action time for rules (Parental Control) ID Article: 105 Thanks Sugu
  5. Hi I have Installed AK on Server 2008 R2 64 bit (16 g RAM) and Database using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (64 bit). After complete the installation I have encountered issue on generating the report from adminkit. When i click on the report folder and choose any of the Reports, there's a prompt that shows generating report and its hangs there ,there is no error prompt after that. Another problem that i have been facing is i cant search for the client computers using the search options, when i try to do a search using IP Address or Computer Name it will just keep searching and nothing happens (i assume it hanged as well). When i check at the Kaspersky Event viewer, there is an error saying Deadlock victim. ]Error "Failed to rerun transaction 4455205 on thread 0xcf0 due to deadlock. Count = 0. #1957 (1205) Transaction became the deadlock victim: '1205, 'Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server', 'Unspecified error', 'Transaction (Process ID 78) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction.', GUID='{0C733A63-2A1C-11CE-ADE5-00AA0044773D}', LastStatement='{ call hst_update_inventory_product(?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?) }"[/b][/b] Kindly advice to solve the issue. Attached screen shoot of the error. Thanks and regards Sugu
  6. Hi Could anybody help me on this issue......
  7. Hi I have an issue on update on Admin Kit ver 8.0.2134. Below are the error from Admin Kit "Download timed out 'ftp://downloads3.kaspersky-labs.com/' Errors distributing updates but application update completed successfully. The application is using updated database but no files have been copied to the shared update folder Download timed out" Please advise me to solve the issue. Thanks Sugu
  8. HI Hawk Thank for advice i will test using this method. Sugu
  9. Hi How to perform update manually from local Workstation MP4 even this workstation is still on client server policy where client unable to make changes on configuration. On Command prompt there is an option to perform update from local update source using command " avp.com UPDATE /APP=on /C:updateapp.ini". Where can i find this updateapp.ini file. See the attachement. kindly Advice. Thanks Sugu
  10. HI Maher I've encounter the same error when click on the Admin Kit Event >> recent event and other event also. attached the Gsi and dump file. please advice to solve the issue. Sugu GetSystemInfo_WINSERVER2K3_01_Administrator_2011_04_21_10_53_28.zip
  11. Hi After Install Kav to window 7 pro. Pc unable to connect internet or to network (keep on acquiring for Ip). This pc has Juniper application installed. After uninstall the Kav pc able to connect to internet and the network. How to solve this issue Kindly advice please.. Need solution. :icon20: thanks Sugu
  12. Thanks for the steps maher. I will try the steps.
  13. User need to have administrator right to make changes on certain application at their organization. Is there any way we can do although user given administrator right.
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