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  1. I was more concerned about the reports of KSC9 failing to import some information from KAK on initial install/upgrade - these types of error cannot be addressed by a autopatch correct? Autopatches only install once the upgrade is complete. I am wondering at what point is it "safe" to upgrade my KAK installation to KSC9 (due to limited hardware the KSC server will have to be on a "secondary" domain controller). All feedback is welcomed. J
  2. Will the installers be updated to include the autopatch B from the outset? If I read correctly some of the issues addresses are to do with upgrades from KAV and I would prefer not to have to "fix" anything just in order to apply a patch. TIA J
  3. Did you check that the task: a) Has the beta update URL above all the other source (both update profiles - mobile and regular) Has the "update application modules" setting enabled J
  4. I just added another update task in the test group with the test URL as the source and set it to run every 6 hours. Then I ran the task manually once to set things up while I watched. J
  5. Because the Group has inherited the global update task also.
  6. I've deployed the F patch to my workstation only as a test. Win7 Pro x64 (no SP1 yet, but all patches) Office 2007 SP2 No errors during update procedures. We don't use the Anti-Spam Module though, or Anti-Hacker. That might have helped. The "send to mail" function is now working without crashing. General snappiness of the machine seems better as well since the patch was applied. Were there general performance improvements in this patch? J
  7. Just bumping the topic. It's been over a quarter of a year now since the last autopatch. Where's the next one? This is possibly the slowest release cycle I've ever seen from an AV vendor
  8. Go backwards through this thread ... you want the latest set of two DLLs that the KL developer posted. Stop teh KAK service. Copy in the two DLLs (replacing them). Restart service. At this point I also recommend clearing the repository from with KAK and letting the update task re-download all the updates. HTH J
  9. Umm, "support"? :b_lol1: I just want to know what on earth is keeping AutoPatch "E" from being released ... is the software *that* broken? Even Microsoft have managed to go from Beta->RC->Release on a whole service pack in the time since these issues have been raised. (At least they managed to fix the KAK from hanging servers. Maybe we should get that developer on the case here?) These issues are long overdue a proper (official) fix - not replacing DLLs manually on a case by case basis with unreleased ones.
  10. My server is running error free (nothing but Information events in the event logs) for over a week. Update task is running every 2 hours. Thank you! J
  11. Further update ... Just checked my server which was left overnight with the KAK console open running the update task every 30 minutes. Everything seems OK. Event logs look very clean. It also seems to have resolved the constant messages in the Kaspersky event log saying that the database connection had an error - but this needs more testing/monitoring to confirm. I also think we have made a huge step forward. J
  12. DLLs installed and one execution of the task complete without issue. I will check back on the server in a few hours to see how it is doing (I've got the update task running every 30 minutes). J
  13. No, up2date.exe only exists whilst task in KAK is running (same as Dandy-power). J
  14. Same here, the process exits when complete and no task is left running. J
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