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  1. Hi All, I'm trying to research a virus that hit us today via skype. Most useful skype thread I've found is: http://community.skype.com/t5/Windows-desk...us/td-p/1095200 It installs as a skype plugin, puts a winmgr.exe in the users profile folder and puts that in the PC startup list. I've mostly KAV MP4 deployed which did nothing to stop it. I've found ways for manually clearing it up I believe (remove from skype plugins being the main one), but am looking for a cleaner that I can automatically deploy. Anyone know of one ? Adrian
  2. Hi, Has anyone been able to get the Linux-based rescue disk to work over a PXE network boot? I've been able to put the squashfs file on a webserver and get it loaded by a linux pre-loading vmlinuz, but it kernel dumps. I tried using the igz file from the ISO but that just asks for a root block device, so it's not looking at the squashfs file. I'm basing all this off a "gparted live" PXE boot that also uses squashfs files.
  3. Hey I now see that admin kit 8.0.2134 has been released... Can I restore a backup made from admin kit 8.0.2090 directly into 2134 ? Or should I install 2090, restore the DB/SSL cert, then upgrade to 2134 ?
  4. Hi, I think thats a great starting point for me. I think its something I can work from. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I'm about to start looking at migrating an admin server from one physical machine to a new one. Agents connect in using a DNS entry thats a CNAME, so I can easily re-point that. But is the easiest mechanism to just do a normal install on the target machine, and then do a backup (old machine)/ restore (new machine) ?? Thanks
  6. Hi, I've been working with support on various issues I have with MP3 and MP4. One fix I need to implement, is to alter some registry settings, which I've written a .bat script to do, and can depoy via AK8. However, what would be good is if I could give a success/error code back to the Kaspersky deployment system. I just can't figure out how to do it. if I put: ... rem error... exit 1 Then I'd expect AK8 to show that computers installation as a failure, so I can investigate and re-schedule the install. But at the moment, AK8 just shows all jobs as a success. So do the deployment tools support error codes??
  7. Well the upgrade went smothly, but it did sit on Registering components for a *very* long time (20mins). I didnt get the duplicates, as I didn't have those versions installed. I've been able to deploy NA2090 to my own workstation OK, but MP4 1424 seems to of failed to deploy correctly. The installs been sat there for 20mins doing nothing according to its log, but the setup.exe is still running.... sigh... I'll open another topic in the morning once I've checked the password issues and AD Service control issues I've raised in the past.
  8. Well - thats my point.. I've read the documents.... nowhere in there does it mention about how it installs two copies of the admin kit files, and how to clean those up. It hints that I'll need to deploy 2090 manually, but.... I'll give it a go though. And flame back on here *if* it goes wrong lol.
  9. Does the upgrade do any nasty things? Such as automatically approve MP4 for distribution? or Auto-update the Agent? I can't auto-deploy MP4 yet. I've been caught out on those before, and I'm nervous because it looks like little testings been done on this (if something as basic as duplicate packages hasn't been caught).
  10. All, An important part of the release notes for AdminKit 8.0.2090 seems to be missing - does it require a reboot? For me, I already hav 2048 installed, so if I install 2090, do I need to reboot the server? I can understand on a fresh install, that installing SQL etc might indirectly require a reboot, but does an upgrade? If it doesn't, then I can go ahead with an install, if it does, then I'll have to schedule an outage on the other services that server does.
  11. Just FYI - I did get a reply from Support. Basically they said they understood the issue, and that I'd be raised back into development. So hopefully get fixed in some future version. For now, you either have to apply a locked policy or not, or toggle them as best you can. I wish they had a Feature List scoring systems here on the forum, so we as end-users of AK/KAV etc could give an indication of what features we'd like to see in the next version. I wonder how they poll that now? As it seems theres several basic (to me) things that get missed.
  12. er... MP3 was out like... last year... MP4 is the new flavour and has been out since end-last year...
  13. Hi All, I'm looking to check that my understanding of Trusted Zone is correct before raising a bug/request to Kaspersky. I need to be able to give end users some control over setting Trusted Zones, but, I need to also deploy globally some defaults. What happens is this: (With TZ defined, but not enforced) KAV MP3 (AK8) - I initially deploy KAV. My TZ settings take effect - Users tweak as they use the PC - Then I need to globally add another exclude. I update the TZ in the policy, but this change is never merged onto the clients The only way to merge the change that I want, is to enforce it, but then that removes the locally defined TZs. Surely TZ's by policy should always merge into the client ?? Or do I have something wrong?
  14. Does this apply only to MP4 machines? Is it in the Network Agent itself or KAV? The Troubleshooting site seems to suggest its only MP4 affected. I have MP3 and NA8 deployed, so should I still deploy ??
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