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  1. I use NordVpn and after the auto update to my VPN speed has dropped some 70 to 80%. Before the update I had 100mbs now I'm lucky to get 25mbs. I turn off the vpn and all is good, I turn off KIS and all is good, meaning it goes back to normal. This update has once again borked my VPN speed as earlier it took an update to fix a previous issue the KIS had with VPNs. Hey Rich I'm sure your going to be on it. Don't ask me to send in info as I'm certain a rollback will fix the issue. Thank You from a long time Kaspersky user.
  2. That is good news, I patiently wait for the new patch, as of now I have uninstalled KIS and am using Defender and native firewall.
  3. Thanx for the imput richbuff This lockup issue with KIS 2013 caused my system some distress, to point of having to run upgrade over top the existing OS. Had to reset bios, all this over an upgrade. I reinstalled KIS 2012 and it runs fine, did a full scan with no issues. This was also doing some minor multitasking at the same time. I looked into the event viewer and have some minor issues but nothing overly serious. I was thinking the issues with KIS 2013 were related to firefox, what do you think? Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated as there is but 90 day left and well if I have no other option. Can you direct me to a Suite that would fit my needs.? I have been a faithful Kaspersky user for many years and don't really want to switch. I'm hoping maybe Kaspersky could recommend a good Security Suite which will work on my system. Regards Keith Here is a new System Info. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...ce8b44c03f2ad97
  4. I uninstalled all products with the removal tool, reinstalled KIS 2013 and still have the same problem. I'm a little frustrated, here is the link you requested. I'm open to all suggestions, otherwise it's back to KIS 2012 I quess. Regards Keith http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...643e2510ee2c573
  5. I was notified by my client that an upgrade was available to KIS 2013. I uninstalled KIS 2012 and installed KIS 2013. Here's my problem, when doing a full system scan it never finishes and if I try to stop it or do anything else, eg: start a browser, open any program, my system slows down drastically to the point of no response. I've reinstalled KIS 2013 and the problem still exists. Only way out is a reset or hold in the power button, this didn't happen in KIS2012. Attached is my system info. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Regards Keith sysinfo.zip
  6. Thank you very much, it worked like a charm. Maybe the redirect should add the address as well. Regards.
  7. Thank you for your response. Only one small issue, I had tried this solution before but no email address is provided as where to send it. The file get's automatically archived, email opens to send but address is blank. Hopefully you can help once again. Regards.
  8. I have a quarantined file I'd like to send to Kaspersky. I follow the instructions in "My Account" but when I get to the point of restoring the file so I can archive it with a "virsus" password guess what KIS 2012 does it's job and sends it right back into quarantine. In other words it won't let me archive the file to send it in. Any help is appreciated, I really don't want to disable KIS to be able to archive this file. Regards
  9. I'm having exactly the same issue. I read the fix here in the forum and also followed the instructions here on the support page: http://support.kaspersky.com/kis2012/error?qid=208286063 The fix works for a while then the same message returns. I'm getting frustrated, I await a reply. Thanx
  10. As he quoted: "I submitted a request for help on their online form at the request of their live chat technician who was unable to solve what turned out to be a simple correction to an advanced setting control feature, something in my mind that technician should have known immediately". I had exactly the same issue, contacted chat they told me to send in an email, I waited for 2 weeks with no reply. I then signed on to these forums, found a similar thread and posted by GSI. With the help of techs on this forum my problem was fixed in a very short time. His complaint is with customer service's hurry up and wait policy, not the forums. Regards
  11. Thanx for the heads up. I purged the entire directory and it all went away. Regards
  12. Ok I did as instructed and rewrote the host file, I had to download legitcheck.hta from microsoft and it passed. I then ran the full scan again and this time yes it went to 100% and finished. Thank you for the assistance. Regards
  13. Thank you for the quick response. When I upgraded to 2011 of course I did an uninstall first, that's a no brainer. In fact I did it twice with an uninstall and only kept the license data as the instructions cited. I defragmented the Hard Drive twice, it's very nice and compacted now. I ran the full scan in safe mode as well and guess what, it still stops at 99% in all cases. It stopped and hung on rtcres.dll before my defrag now after the defrag it stops on sptd.sys. I'm sure these files are irrelevant as to the stoppage. Here's the GSI url http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...d47293f7104ca30 I read the results and everything seemed to pass muster except for the mention of an ATI graphics tool. I hope you can find something. Regards
  14. I am experiencing exactly the same problem, my story so far. I have been a PAYING satisfied customer for 5 years now and have hit a wall with KIS 2011. I installed it twice correctly, did a full scan in safe mode to be sure it wasn't a process issue. I contacted live chat and told them all I did. They told me to send in an error report and to add GSI.rar as I did. I received a conformation number and a useless form letter which I replied to as instructed. I waited for 2 weeks with no reply. I contacted live chat again, they told me to do the same thing again, once again I received the same form letter I replied once again and within 24 to 48 hours as before and guess what 4 days and still no reply. I have now joined this forum, this is not the first post on this issue. It appears many people have this problem. I am certain they are diligently working on it as this issue was a problem before in the testing beta stages as cited in the beta forum but supposedly fixed. I only know this from reading the posts. I suggest we hurry up and wait and hopefully they either find a solution or find fault in our systems. I have 105 days left in my subscription. Regards
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