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  1. KSN is running and I am attempting to configure an installation policy for the latest version of Kaspersky EndPoint Security for Mac. When attempting to configure the package it indicates the plug-in is not installed (see attached). I download and navigate to the latest plug-in it appears to install but following a restart of KSN and checking the version of the plug-ins the new version doesn't take the place of or compliment the previous plugin. (see attached) Ideas? kevgo.
  2. My apologies, I was resolved the issue. I had to remove the installation tasks, remove the installation package from the repository and reimport the installation package for the new network agent and recreate the tasks. I can only assume there was an issue archiving the installation package in preparation for installation and it wasn't reporting an error. Thanks, kevgo.
  3. I have recently upgraded to KSC from Admin Kit 8. Fine job on the latest version, although I appear to be having a few issues upgrading my Mac OS X network agents from v9.0.0.56 to v9.0.1.108. I create the task and initialize the task.. and it sits there "Ready for execution on xx computers". Checking the task details for the machines in question it's "Scheduled".. but not progressing. An added twist.. the first time I created and ran the task I was able to upgrade 3 systems... nothing since. Deleting and recreating the task doesn't help either. Any thoughts? kevgo
  4. It has been disabled. We are seeing intermittent issues accessing; http://watch.tsn.ca http://cbc.ca/video/ http://watch.ctv.ca Disabling Kaspersky solves the issue. kevgo.
  5. I have users attempting to watch TV online from our local stations, Kaspersky appears to be preventing this from working properly although there is nothing being sent to the event log on the client or the server. Can someone watch some TV from the following: watch.ctv.ca It's odd as it seems to be hit or miss. Suggestions? Thanks, kevgo
  6. I have pushed out the new version to a test group of 5 systems and I'm still having the same issue. On top of that performance seems to be degrading with some of my Mac users complaining that 2 of their 4 cores are maxed out at 100% and the third at 50% all used by Kaspersky. They are disabling their clients citing performance issues. kevgo.
  7. I am still experiencing this issue, has anyone found a resolution? kevgo.
  8. My opinion only.. It sounds like you have some disk corruption, if you are unable to boot into safe mode try a live mini-XP environment (Hiren's Boot CD) I would run 'chkdsk /f /r', wait until it completes and reboot the server. This doesn't sound related to the AV product.. but rather bad luck. kevgo.
  9. " At this point it just got hung up. There were no errors, but the IDriver process was steadily using CPU cycles. I left it for about 30 minutes, but it never progressed." I also noted a long period of what appeared to be inactivity, although I stayed the course and it did indeed complete the update/migration. I'm pretty sure I left mine for at least an hour... At the very least documenting the expected behavior would be a big help. kevgo.
  10. Thanks for the heads up, although I imagine I will need to press forward and give it a try as I have too many endpoints (4,600+) to logistically address a manual installation. kevgo.
  11. I had these issues when testing out some beta patches. Attempt to connect using the IP address, then try the dns alias, or localhost if on the same box. I know I was concerned as I thought I had corrupted the database but that wasn't the case. There is also a file which I was asked to delete as it gets regenerated on the next login attempt. It appears to control connections to the server.. if you still have problems I'll search out the file name. kevgo.
  12. Nick, I have created an task using TDSSKiller (make sure you have v2.5) which quarantines suspicious files and runs silently. There are a series of flags you run from the command line. (/? for info) I use it on an 'as needed' basis yet I have thought running it as a task on all systems. What I found interesting is that in our student computer lab environment we have machines using Faronics Deepfreeze which are getting infected with a form of TDSS, if you know the product you may find that interesting. kevgo.
  13. MalwareBytes does a great job of removal. If you have been infected you may need install/run from the command prompt as the shell command registry entries are the first to be altered preventing easy access to regedit, web browsers, etc.. I used MalwareBytes today.. on an instance of FakeAV which KAV has yet to produce a definition for. Removal worked great.. I have since submitted the FakeAV executable to KL. If it is the same (note sure if this will work.. ): http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report...a834-1305137230 kevgo.
  14. I see another variant out there for Fake AV. My concern is that Kaspersky used to be ahead of the curve but are no lagging behind some of the other vendors. I just submitted to VirusTotal, 38% have detected Kaspersky not one of them... kevgo
  15. Has anyone experienced issues pushing out Windows 7 SP1 via a WSUS server with KAV 6.0.1424 installed/running? If so, what exceptions need to be made on the Admin Kit server? kevgo.
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