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  1. Also, plus the post above this post, Sorry to hijack the thread, but I have the same problems. The problem is that Kaspersky updated itself to the 2017 version, but my license is from 2013 one which isn't compatible with it (I don't know why it doesn't automatically upgrade the license every time I renew, but I'll have to pay more attention next time my license is nearly expired and buy a new one instead of renewing it.) I still have about 6 months left. Thankfully, I still have my KIS 2015 installation file. Installing it now and hoping it works.
  2. I have 10 days left for expiration, but because I had to change my credit card information, I renewed it now, since I'm going away for one month and nobody else at home would be able to do it. But, after renewing it, it still shows 10 days left. Will it update automatically after the 10 days have passed, or do I have to do something else? Edit: never mind, it shows 375 days now. Guess I should have waited a bit longer.
  3. Hi. I was away on holiday for the past month or so and returned a few hours ago. When I booted up my PC I was greeted with a "Previous application launch failed" message. I've seen this message before, usually when my PC crashes, but it pops up every time I restart my computer now. I try sending the repoert but I get a "error sending package" message. The only time my computer was used while I was away was on the 12th to send some emails. I use Kaspersky 13 btw, and have already done a chkdsk scan. The program itself works fine, but I'm afraid that the message popping up might indicate some kind of problem. Any help would be appreciated. I've attached the files in the report. I'm not sure but, I think the _9.15_16.08_ denotes the date and time, which would make sense as I did have blue screen problems during that time. The reprt thing never kept showing up every day up until I left (on the 27th of October), however, so I have no idea why its popping up now, and why I can't send the actual report.
  4. The program used to be detected fine before today and I've been running it for almost two months now. Hopefully a fix is forthcoming.
  5. Earlier it was saying that my Anti-Virus was turned off. Checking another forum I tried disabling Windows Management Instrumentation and deleted the repository folder. After it was restarted it says that it doesn't detect any anti virus program.
  6. Hello, sorry if this this mentioned anywhere, but recently my computer hard disk crashed along with all my data. I still have around 100 days of my license left. Is it possible to use this license on a new computer or are those few remaining months wasted? Thanks
  7. I think I'll buy a new one anyway. I have trial versions installed on my other computer, so can I just just use the activation key on those versions after purchasing or do I have to download it again?
  8. Aye, I get that, but I want to know if I can upgrade it to a 3 license product without having to pay the full 59 dollars; As in just pay for the extra two licenses without having to renew my already existing license.
  9. Hello. A few months ago I had purchased KIS for 1 user. However, recently we have gotten a wireless connection and have gotten two more laptops so the entire family can use the internet without any troubles. I want to increase the number of licenses I have to three, but the thing is I still have over a hundred days left on my account and it would be a waste to renew it early. I want to know if there's anyway to share my license key without having to pay for another years subscription (around $59). I do intend to renew it, but only when it nears expiring, but I don't want to wait that long to get my other computers protected either. Thanks in advance :supercool:
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