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  1. C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP18.0.0\Bases\Cache is 204 MB. Is this really necessary - can it be reduced?
  2. I also want to point out that when you buy KIS from BestBuy/Geek Squad, you don't need to have any interaction with BB/GS at all. Just enter the activation code that you receive directly to KIS.
  3. I just wanted to confirm that I was able to activate KIS 2017 with the (legally acquired) activation code for KIS 2016. If you purchase KIS from BestBuy: If you purchase KIS from BestBuy in a bundle that includes Microsoft Office 365 and a mouse, please be aware: Technically, you purchased KIS from BestBuy's Geek Squad and your 1-year subscription began on the date of purchase, not the date of installation. In addition, any days remaining on your previous installation are lost. In my case, no big deal since I had only 9 days left on my previous KIS subscription and only 3 days elapsed between the date of purchase and the date I received the activation code for KIS 2017 in an email from Geek Squad. So I 'lost' 12 days from my KIS subscription in exchange for paying zero for KIS with the Geek Squad bundle, and no rebate form to mail in. That's a good deal. In addition, because I purchased KIS from the Geek Squad, my technical support has to come from Geek Squad, not from Kaspersky. Again, no big deal since I don't rely on technical support from Kaspersky or Geek Squad. Any technical questions I have are more than adequately answered by the experts right here.
  4. My annual license for KIS 2017 will expire soon. I have an opportunity to buy KIS 2016 (legally.) Can I use the license from KIS 2016 to extend my license for KIS 2017 for another year? What I'm hoping to do is to simply enter the KIS 2016 license code and be done - no uninstalling/reinstalling.
  5. Thanks for your help. Can you think of one or two components of KIS that will not be available to the rest of the computer if the KIS extension is not installed in Internet Explorer?
  6. An update to Foxit Reader (a free PDF reader); and yes - it was turned off at Settings > Protection > Software Updater SOLVED: I signed out of my Standard account; signed in to my Administrator account; and attempted to install the update. KIS reported that there was no update to install. I presume KIS compared the version number of the update to the version number of the installed software, realized that the update was older, and dropped the warning.
  7. KIS 2017 installed on Windows 10 says: "Some protection components may be unavailable or work with restrictions if the Kaspersky Protection extension is not installed in Internet Explorer." Does this mean that some protection components may be unavailable to the rest of the computer unless the Kaspersky Protection extension is installed in Internet Explorer?
  8. In KIS 2017 (running on Windows 10) I turned off Software Updater. Nevertheless, KIS continues to warn me about a software update. I gave in and installed the software update. Still, KIS continues to warn me about the same software update. I signed out and signed back in to my Windows account. Guess what? KIS continues to warn me about the same software update. Sure, I can 'ignore' the warning. But that only changes it to an "ignored problem". I admit that this is not the biggest problem in the world, but how do I finally, once and for all, get KIS to stop warning me?
  9. That makes sense to me. Uninstalling with kavremover certainly won't do any harm.
  10. I have KIS running on Windows 8.1. I want to do a clean install of Windows 10 on the same computer - Windows 10 replaces Windows 8.1. Do I have to uninstall my KIS license before I do the clean install?
  11. After fruitlessly searching through configuration screens, I admit defeat. How do I find out what version of Kaspersky Internet Security I am using? :pray:
  12. What's interesting is that Office 2016 was activated on the day I installed it, not the day I purchased. Only KIS was activated on the day I purchased. Like I said, it's hard to complain about getting KIS for free for 323 days without needing to file a rebate form. But as we say: Once bitten, twice sly. :b_lol1:
  13. If you live in the U.S. and purchase a Kaspersky product through a BestBuy promotion, be aware that your Kaspersky license begins on the day of purchase, even if you don't actually install until later. This fact is not (at the time of writing) disclosed on any of the packaging or literature you receive. I received a free license for Kaspersky Internet Security as a 'throw-in' for purchasing Microsoft Office. At the time I still had 45 days remaining on my existing KIS subscription. When I finally installed KIS, I discovered that BestBuy had activated my license on the day I purchased. As a result, my new subscription is short by 43 days. I can't really complain, because KIS cost me nothing. I didn't even have to file a rebate application. Still, I lost 43 days from my subscription due to this deception. Be aware!
  14. I purchased a license for Kaspersky Total Security 2015 (5 licenses) that I planned to install when my existing license for Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 expired. I purchase from a well-known and trusted online store and received a boxed copy of the software. The box was clearly marked "Kaspersky Total Security 2015." A few days before my license for KIS expired I tried to download the installer for KTS 2015 and found that it had been replaced by the installer for KTS 2016. When I installed KTS 2016 and attempted to activate the license that came in the KTS 2015 box, the program told me that my activation code was for Kaspersky Internet Security, not the Kaspersky Total Security which I bought. When I contacted Kaspersky technical support they at first confirmed that my activation code was, in fact, valid for KTS. In a subsequent email they changed their mind and said my license was only valid for KIS. Even after I provided a copy of my invoice, they would not relent. To put things in perspective, I am due to receive a rebate covering the full cost of KTS, so it's not like I am losing money. And KIS is perfectly good software. Nevertheless I am disturbed that Kaspersky will not honor their license for the version of the software that I bought, and that makes me wary of buying Kaspersky software in the future.
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