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  1. Have you cleared them from "Unassigned Computers"? In our experience (using KSC9.2 currently) if you delete a computer from its management group without uninstalling Kaspersky, it is still using licenses (but they dont show up in the License Usage Report) until you go through "Unassigned Computers" and manually remove them. A failing of Kaspersky's license management in my book as we generally just wipe the computers when they are decommissioned. I found it out because we showed ~40 licenses available in the License Usage Report, but we couldn't add any new computers due to not enough licenses. Aaron Z
  2. I think it may. The Network Agent reports when Antivirus has been uninstalled from the computer. A sure way is to delete the computer from the "Managed Computers" group, then find it in "Unassigned Computers" and delete it from there. Aaron Z
  3. That turned out to be the case despite the license usage report and the key itself showing that we had 34 nodes available. The catch is that, those numbers apparently don't include the number of nodes used by computers hiding out in "Unassigned Computers" so we were actually out of licenses despite the fact that both the license itself (looking at the numbers of nodes used on the key found in Repositories\Keys) and the license usage report said that we had 34 nodes available. Waiting on a response from support to see if there is any way to track the number of nodes used by computers in "Unassigned Computers" Aaron Z
  4. I am also seeing this on all new installs in our sites. Started last week in our remote sites, today I have 5 computers sitting next to me with the issue that cant go out until it gets fixed and there are at least 20 more sitting at the remote sites. Would be REALLY nice if the wait to chat/talk to someone on the phone was less than 45 minutes like it has been for the past month... Edit, I gave up on phone/chat and opened a ticket through the oh so annoying "Companyaccount" site. INC000001501381 if anyone on the support side wants to look at it. Aaron Z
  5. Is that FAQ from 6.X still valid for Endpoint Security 8? We frequently see the same error, but it generally goes away after an update. Aaron Z
  6. Installing PF_82 (assuming that it is still available) will also give you the same results if you want something that will get rid of the slowness at one shot. We have had quite a few computers that wont run updates due to patch B slowness but then update fine after we run PF_82. Aaron Z
  7. I suspect that BrankoStulic is talking about the column in the list of computers in a group. It would be really nice to have that information in the list of computers and not have to dig through a monster report every time I want to see if computer has patch d installed. Aaron Z
  8. We saw similar issues here when we tried to update from to and we ended up having to run a standalone installer on most computers. I also saw the same issue trying to push out pf_80 to 2 sites We have a central site with a 20/20 fiber connection and 42 remote sites with between 4 and 50 computers each that connect through cablemodems with speeds ranging from 5/384 to 12/1.5. If we try to push out installations via Kaspersky we get lots of timeouts and failed installs. Haven't contacted support due to having many things which were more pressing to take care of. Aaron Z
  9. I would try installing pf_82 on a test machine and see if that fixes it... That is exactly what we have been seeing with .831. Aaron Z
  10. Thanks for the info. If I turn updates for application modules back on, will it directly install Patch D, or will it try to install Patches B and C first? My worry is that I will end up with computers that are "stuck" at Patch B or C and need manual intervention to get them to respond well enough for Patch D to install. Thanks Aaron Z
  11. I haven't needed to reboot in my testing as long as I use the "/when now" switch to install pf_80 or pf_82 AND the K is showing up down by the clock. I have found that I need to do a "Force Synchronization" for the updated computers or wait ~20 minutes (I have the network agents set to report in every 15 mins) for the patch to show up in the versions report. Aaron Z
  12. I just got a call from 'Dill A' who gave me a FTP link to download the patch and his contact info to contact him directly if I run into any other issues with it. Not sure if that was from you nudging them or from the post-ticket-survey I filled out, but thanks. Now to try some test installs. Thanks Aaron Z
  13. I got a response from "Ryan A" ~15 mins after posting the ticket number on here. Unfortunately, the .exe he emailed to me was blocked by our email server (like many email systems, we block exe files in emails), looking at the ticket on companyaccount.kaspersky.com in Firefox, Chrome and IE I don't see any files listed in the "Attachments" section and "Ryan A" closed the ticket as soon as he responded, so I cant reply to it and say that I didn't get the files. So, still waiting on an actual copy of pf_82 that I can access here Aaron Z
  14. No response yet. Ticket ID is INC000001341663 Created at 3:13 PM Eastern on February 14, 2013 Apparently, my definition of immediately (by the next business day at the very latest) is different than whoever looked at my ticket ( INC000001341663 ) and ignored it. Aaron Z
  15. Same here. I opened a ticket on Thursday the 14th and haven't heard anything back. Once I got my companyaccount login fixed (still think that it is utterly moronic to put gibberish in the password field for your browser to remember when logging in. IMO its none of their business if I choose to save it into my browser, put it into something like KeyPass, put it on a post-it note under my keyboard or tattoo it onto my arm) I was able to look at the ticket and it says "In Progress" no responses from anyone at Kaspersky though, not even a "we are looking into it" or a "waiting for the next patch to be ready" just an auto "Ticket has been opened" email. Aaron Z
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