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  1. Yes, but I guess my question is really why this just recently started happening. Has this always been a feature of KIS and it somehow just got activated? Thanks!
  2. I'm seeing this a lot now also. I'm on KIS This just started for me in the past couple weeks. I'd never seen these before. Any idea why this just started happening? I have 2 Firefox windows open with about 15 tabs between them. Every time I boot up and open Firefox, I get about 5-6 of these in a row.
  3. Hello, Just after I posted my question, I realized I never tested this with KIS turned off. Instead of just pausing protection, I actually exited out of KIS so that it was not running. Still have the same problem. I now don't see how KIS could be the problem. I will however update my version to the latest. Thank You
  4. I recently upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit to Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. I'm running Kaspersky Internet Security Ever since the upgrade, I've been unable to print from Mozilla Thunderbird (v45.0) and Firefox (v45.0.2). I've been through all the troubleshooting steps suggested by Mozilla and even spent some time in the forums. Lots of suggestions, but nothing has worked. Could this be an issue with Kaspersky? I'm all out of things to try and this is my last resort. Thanks
  5. FWIW, thought I might mention this. I have a virtual machine running Windows XP Pro SP3 under VirtualBox. Since I have a 5-machine license on KIS 15, with 2 unused licenses, I loaded it on that VM. I then used Thunderbird (latest version) to check 3 different email accounts. It works fine. No hangs or spiking CPU usage. Apparently, this bug is particular to Windows 7.
  6. Don't know how you have two instances of AVP running. Haven't heard of that before. Try rebooting and see if it happens again. I uninstalled KIS 15, reinstalled 14, and when it asks for the product key, I used the one I got when I purchased 15.
  7. I too have removed KIS 2015 and went back to 2014. The product key I purchased for 2015 works fine. I do hope that once they get 2015 fixed, they will offer an extension on our subscriptions. Given the time, effort and inconvenience it has been for all of us, that would be a good PR move for them and show that they really do appreciate our business and patience.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I've eliminated junk mail as a factor. Went into the webmail interface from my provider and verified there was no junk mail. Then did a download in Thunderbird and had the same issue.
  9. Found this thread: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=316779 Looks like this is a bug in KIS 2015. When I turn off the mail Antivirus, I don't have this problem. Hopefully there is a fix coming soon.
  10. Glad I found this topic. Lots of good information here. I've been having the same issue, where I try to get mail, it hangs for a minute or two on message #1, then quits without retrieving any mail. After that, the CPU usage goes through the roof and this fast machine turns into a slug. Rebooting is the only way out. For now, I've disabled Mail Antivirus. Sure enough, the mail is now downloading and no more CPU spikes, at least not yet. I'm running Thunderbird 31.5.0 and KIS on a 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate machine with 4 core CPU and 8gb of memory. With the mail AV disabled, I now have the "Protection now may be at risk" warning and the yellow triangle on the KIS main window. Is there any way to disable that warning? Thanks again for all the work everyone is doing on this thread. I'm willing to help in any way I can.
  11. I'm having the same issue. Doesn't happen every day, but its now been twice this week. FYI, I shut down my PC every night and boot it up in the morning. Did you go back to KIS 14? When I upgraded from 14 to 15, I got new product key. Wondering if I go back to 14, will the new product key work in that version? Please let us know if you hear anything else from development!
  12. Yep, all better! Any idea what happened to that KLAVA component? What exactly is that? I upgraded from KIS 2014 to KIS 2015 on Mar 12, and the update was running fine until sometime on the 18th when the last successful update ran. Given that KIS has been mostly trouble-free for me, I'm curious about what might have happened. Thanks again for the quick replies and the EXCELLENT support!!!!!
  13. Hello, and thanks for the quick response! My responses below, but keep in mind that the update actually appears to be working, as you can see from the first screenshot above. I took that screenshot immediately after doing an update, and it shows the last update was less than a minute ago. When I'm on that screen and click the update button, I can see the progress bar going through all the steps (updating databases and application modules, etc), but when it completes, I still get the error saying databases are out of date. Comcast cable. Everything is working fine. System date/time is correct. Setting were set to automatically detect proxy serversettings, but I've now set it to do not use. Tried the update again and have the same issue. Don't see that option under Settings > Additional > Appearance: This is a desktop on main power, and that's already unchecked Don't have "Manage Subscription" down there as seen below. However when I get to that screen and click Verify Subscription Status, it comes back saying my active subscription key is up to date. There is no Reports on the main window as seen below. I can go to Settings -> Additional -> Reports and Quarantine, but there is no option to create a report. GetSystemInfo report Thank You!
  14. Found this thread while searching for the same issue. For the past 3 days, the icon in the system tray shows the database release date of 3/18/15. I run the update, which is successful, but it still shows out-of-date:
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