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  1. cliffflip Thanks for the info, I'll use the 3rd license for my sister's laptop For my phone, I'm ready to subscribe with Google Play Store, but there's additional 5 days of grace period and I can't seems to subscribe from Google Play Store. The app is constantly says 1 issue (with red color and bold text) on persistent notification, but when I tap "update license information" there's a popup "Cannot activate the premium version." From the icon in the Play Store, there's "50% off" offer, I don't want to miss the offer so if there's a way to bypass grace period, I really appreciate it, thanks.
  2. Hi, almost a month ago I switched from Norton to Kaspersky Total Security for my PC and laptop, and also subscribe Kaspersky Internet Security for my Android phone. Now the trial period of KTS on my PC & laptop -also 1 month subscribe for my phone- almost ended, I'm looking to buy 3 Device for 2 Years subscription from a local shop here in Indonesia. My question is, which version I'll get for my phone with KTS? Is it only Internet Security, or Total Security (I can't find this anywhere for phone), or something else? I hope I'll get Internet Security with additional features (VPN, Password Manager, etc) but I can't find that info anywhere. Please help, thanks
  3. well, actually 1 day after disable Windows Defender, the problem still exist, i don't know if this is only a merely coincidents or the real problem, i'm using 459 version before upgrade to 736 version (uninstall 459->reboot->install 736), but the Kaspersky URL Advisor in Firefox still showing 459 version and that add-on still appear even after i uninstall 736, also without an option to remove it so i decided to remove Firefox and re-install KAV (like richbuff said, uninstall -> reboot -> install -> reboot -> update) and it's been 3 days my KAV doesn't showing corrupted databases or not all component were updated status. thanks for your help guys!
  4. @r3ligion are you have exactly the same problem with me ? so far i just disable the Windows Defender and Kaspersky runs the update smoothly
  5. thanks richbuff here's the update report MUC.txt and the GetSystemInfo report link http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...56ba01dc2d7e579 i decided to report this files before uninstalling the KAV again, previously i have version (bundled with W7 Home Premium when i bought it), then reinstall it with 736 version -like kaspersky.com mentioned- both of it have same problem. if you find there's many 'Operation cancelled by the user' value are because after a few seconds, my update size still in bytes. and there's something confusing about the GSI report, the Possibly incompatible software(s) reporting there's 1 incompatible software, when i'm look onto suspicious tab, the title said 'firefox' but the directory shows a Windows Defender file. should i disable Windows Defender ?
  6. thanks for your reply .. actually i never change the time and date on my computer, all i know are the time zone is correct, my computer always synchronize automatically with internet time, and my computer's clock showing same date and time to this forums clock.
  7. hello, i'm using KAV 2010 running on my Windows 7 Home Premium almost everyday Kaspersky leave my notebook unprotected due to corrupted databases, i never change the way this product takes a database update so i can't figure out why this problem exist. i can 'temporarily pass through' this problem with start update manually, and the status show "no active threats" message. but there's another message show "not all component were updated" this problem continues as when i start the update again, the status changes to "databases are out of date" then i start the update (again and again), i read Kaspersky has finish the update (showing completed <1 minute ago, not all component were updated), but the status still showing the same message "databases are out of date" and even the update has success (the databases are up to date), the problems will appear again tomorrow (twice a day sometimes) when the databases corrupted again. is there someway you can describe why my KAV always showing "databases are corrupted" & "not all component were updated" ? why the status said 'completed' when the databases still out of date ? i never used a Kaspersky product before, so i don't know this thing happens on the previous version or not. and sorry for my bad english Any help will be appreciated..
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