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  1. This was a problem when I installed once again SP1. Now, I have downgraded computers to MR1, leaving last NetAgent, removed computers, added them again to KSC, and it works.
  2. Hello, all options on KES are grayed out, also option to disable policy is grayed out. In KSC, it displays computers as unavaible. Can't start task for that computer from KSC. Did klmover and klangchk, all went ok, and still noting.
  3. Hello, I have unistalled KES10, then installed again KES10 SP1. Now, protection won't start, computers won't sync, update can't start, grayed out. Downgrading to MR1.
  4. Still having issues. Can I somehow uninstall KES10 SP1 through KSC, and again, install it?
  5. No, not yet. Today I had same problem. I have also recreated tasks for computers, and waiting to see if any new problems occur.
  6. So far so good. First in 4 days that my phone is not ringing constantly that computers are slow. Normal start, did scheduled update, no one called to complain today. I have removed everything from trusted and exclusions, and recreate new policy. Old one had about 450 entries, new one around 320. Some of these old entries may be the problem. This server was upgraded from KES8, to 10, then MR1, then SP1, after their release. Sometimes, fresh start could do us all good.
  7. Yes, have attached it to this issue. Also it seems that my exclusion and trust rules for AV may cause this. This morning when recreated policy, I have imported exclusion and trust rules. Now I'm testing to see if new policy with default settings in exclusion/trust, and run update. So far it seems to be ok, did update it twice, no jams. Please, wait a while that I test is some more (tommorow).
  8. Hello, uploaded to Company account to this issue INC000004397125. There are no errors, the task runs normally, and by 95% it stops there, and you can see that computer is way slower. It finishes up to 100%, but slow computer remains.
  9. Hello, I have now source of problem, it's update. Every time we run update or update KES on start, it jams computer. It finishes update and then is slow as hell. Disableing/enabling File Anti-Virus helps. I can recreate this on one affected computer every time Update task from KSC starts.
  10. Hello, recreated all policies but no luck. Still it locks up on start, and it's frustrating slow.
  11. Where can I do that? i don't have any passwords or anything. Can I upload it to issue in Company Account?
  12. Here is a getsysinfo from one affected computers, after disableing File Anti-Virus, computer has normal performance. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/34568258/sysInfo.zip
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