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  1. Hi Kartey, Where did you purchase the license from?
  2. Server is the address of the Security Center Server which is used to managed clients/ devices. Email required to register an account to the installation. Kaspersky Security for mobile needs a server to connect to for licensing.
  3. Ignore the "Install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 express edition" Make sure TCPIP is enabled in SQL and the SQL browser service is started. Start the Installation of Kaspersky Security for exchange, follow the wizard, and point it to the SQL 2012 Server.
  4. Hi, On the right "show inherited policies" is enabled. Any application Policies which are not created in the Subgroup, but are available above will filter down. If you uncheck this, it should just leave your Subgroup Endpoint 10 policy which will only apply to host in the group. Unless you have force to child ticked in the managed computers node :cb_punk:
  5. Hi, Create a Standalone installation package. Select Remote installation node - Installation packages - Right click the Endpoint 10 package and Select create an installation package This will create a single .exe file which has the key, network agent and endpoint package ready to install or copy of CD :-)
  6. Delete and recreate the Download updates to repository task in the administration server task node. Tick the define proxy server settings automatically in connection settings. Check in the properties of the administration server node the proxy is specified correctly. :-)
  7. Upgrade Security Center 9.2.69 to Security Center 10.0.3361 - http://www.kaspersky.co.uk/product-updates/security-center Slowly migrate clients reporting protection is off to new agent and Endpoint 10, protection is off will be resolved. :-)
  8. This option is available in the Managed computer/ sub groups task's tab. But not in Task for specific computers.
  9. What is the build of Network agent? Number off effected host?
  10. Sorry for not replying for a long time. I would try disabling Vulnerabilty monitor in the Policy and see If this stops the pop ups. Leave the Network agent to do all vulnerability monitoring.
  11. Not sure the screen shot attached correctly? Is it KSC10 and KES10?
  12. Hi, In KES10 package untick device control, and try installation again, does it complete without BSOD?
  13. Hi Tina, I would suggest stopping the Services, Start them again and run an update. If you continue to get High CPU, log a support ticket with your support channel. Thanks Scott
  14. Never seen this progress bar before, In the policy make sure the padlock is in a "locked" state.
  15. Hi, I have tried searching for a Command Line parameters FAQ but not had much luck. I therefore downloaded the Virus Removal tool 2011 and tried to run the below commands *.exe /? *.exe /help and no command line option appear. One previous forum post mentions the help file contains information http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=207339 But.... I could not find then same when doing a search. My guess it is does not contain any command line parameters.
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