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  1. Hi guys. It's been a long time since I last visited this forum. I've just installed KIS 2013 in an XP box - had 2012 previously - and have noticed that shutting down the machine takes a very long time. This didn't happen with 2012. Anybody knows what could be causing this? Many thanks. PS.- As a side note. I was welcomed by a very strange message when I logged in. Details in the attachment.
  2. Many thanks, Don A clean install, and some reg cleaning is always my preferred way but I'd hate to manually enter trusted apps/dirs and firewall rules again. But yeah, I'll probably wait for a new build. KIS 2009 is working perfectly.
  3. The screenshots I've seen of the 2010 GUI look really great. Now...is it posible to upgrade to 2010 uninstalling 2009 but keeping the settings? I have a lot of firewall rules, trusted apps, etc that I'd love to be able to keep. Cheers Martin
  4. Thanks, Don. I'll do that. I do not restrict cookies from this site but somehow I have to enter my login and pass after some days.
  5. Hi guys I've just downloaded the trial version of Cinema Craft Encoder from one of the official sources. The download sites are listed on this page: http://www.cinemacraft.com/eng/trial.html#sp2 and I downloaded it from http://www.picturetools.de/ws/produkt.asp?ID=149 - bottom of the page: "CCE-SP2 Trial Version". Now, when I scan the zip file, I get an alert from KIS about Trojan.Win32.Agent.bkqx. Is this a real threat or a FP? On a side note. Is there a way to make this forum remember your login? The captchas are really hard to read sometimes. I had to reload the "Forgotten your password" page 6 times before I could get a captcha I could decypher. Many thanks Martin
  6. Thanks. I've done that. But my point is that there was a time when my co-workers forwarded me this kind of mails and I only needed to run the attachments thru' KAV and always could say if it was malware, suspicious or if the file was clean. It looks like now I have to send every file to VT or Jotti to be able to report back. I wish I could set KIS AV engine to scan more aggressively on-demand. I've tried the Additional Settings in Scan - Heuristics maxed out and Deep Scan but same results.
  7. Again, one more "doc.exe" in a zipped file in an obvious spam mail which KIS says is clean but several AV engines on Virustotal have another meaning - http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/47cca5c...a6a1fb5f4c0b5db I've also used the File Analyzer at KL's site and it came clean. What's going on?
  8. This one is definitely not a FP! Wonder why KIS heuristics didn't, at least, raise a warning. One question. Can I set Heuristics analysis to Deep Scan only for manual, on-demand scanning while leaving it in Light Scan for Scan My Computer for example?
  9. Thanks, Lucian. No problem. But I still think this is a dangerous situation. There are other AV engines at VT picking up this nasty, so I don't think it's something that's just been released ITW. I can not imagine if my wife had received that attachment and executed it thinking that KIS was protecting her machine. Not everybody thinks of uploading files to Jotti or VT.
  10. A coworker of mine forwarded me an email with an attachment: Fees_2008-2009.zip. Inside the zip file there is a file: Fees_2008-2009.doc.exe. Now, that doc.exe thing made me suspicious. I scanned it with KIS, with databases 08-09-08 and according to KIS, the file is clean. Well, I uploaded it to Virustotal and there Kaspersky, along with some others give different results - http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/f989f05...0d52a61598d44d9 -. So I uploaded it to Jotti, and again, the file is detected as a trojan. My question is why doesn't KIS detect it when I do a manual scan of the file? Many thanks Martin
  11. I closed KIS before installing SP3 and everything went smooth. I also do that when updating Nvidia drivers and such.
  12. Many thanks, Igor I don't really want to make a fuzz of it. I've been using KAV since 4.5 and later on KIS and never had a problem until now. This is now solved thanks to a restore image. My confidence in KIS is intact but I guess / hope this module update has been pulled off. Best Regards Martin
  13. I didn't get a BSOD but 2 of my computers at home crashed after the latest update. A description here:
  14. The latest update - about one hour ago - has caused 2 of my computers at home to crash. This is a very strange issue. After updating, the popup suggested I restart my computer. On doing so, the KIS tray icon is grayed out and a popup message shows up saying that the application has failed to initialize and a list of files which I should send to KL. After that, IE didn't work and trying to do a repair install of KIS didn't work either. Thank god I had som TI images from a week ago. I have disabled "Update application modules" for now. Very strange
  15. Activation Data is removed when using kavremover from the command prompt. It just happened to me.
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