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  1. Thanks, Up till now I had been using the stand alone Beta version. Didn't know they had incorporated it into version 2017.
  2. I cannot install Kaspersky Software Updater. See below screenshot. The same thing is happening on two different Windows 10 computers http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...def4d74fb4e6e58
  3. It asked if I wanted to "Save the Activation Code" when I do nothing changes. I still get the screens saying my KTS expires in 2 days. Why would it want me to Save the code if nothing changes after I Save it? I want the new code to start automatically when the old one expires. This seems to mean that I will have to reenter the code and activate the new code when the old expires.
  4. I don't understand this screen that showed up when I entered an activation code to renew my KTS. The entered activation code cannot be used as a new code, but it can be used for further activation of the application. A previously entered activation code allows using the application on another computer until it expires. Is the new activation code going to automatically be entered and accepted when my KTS expires in 3 days? I still have the warning saying that it expires in 3 days. Why won't it accept this code and show a renewal is pending? KTS ©
  5. I clicked on a link on a recommendation Trending item on Facebook of all places! Surprise it took me to a page where it said my computer was locked and I would have to pay to get it unlocked. I just went to the task manager and stopped the process of Chrome and restarted Chrome. That got rid of it. When I was on the ransom page of course nothing worked. I couldn't copy the link or capture a screen shot. The original link was partially obscured so I couldn't see the whole thing either. Guess I'll have to grab a camera to capture the partial link next time. I had wanted to report it to Facebook. My question is: When a ransomware page locks up my browser is there a way for KTS to detect this and block it? How do others handle this when this happens? I know it sort of panics you at first, I should have taken a photo and will next time. But I would also like to report this page to Kaspersky so that it blocks it in any black lists.
  6. I have the latest version KTS 445C and I don't see any option to stop these recommendations. I want to get rid of these recommendations. We just discussed this same issue in a thread a short time ago: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...=350600&hl=
  7. http://usa.kaspersky.com/downloads/purchas...curity-purchase That should be a good link for the download. I'm still waiting too. Obviously it's not a priority for them to do the fix we want. I don't want the reminders about parental controls, passwords and backup. I don't need these features. Although I think Kaspersky is one of the best the support could be a bit better.
  8. I think this is what is going on. version 445 is the latest version but there is version 445 A, 445B, 445C, The latest is 445C which I believe just came out a week or so ago. Maybe I'm wrong. But hopefully this might explain it. Maybe they have the link pointing to a new download, the latest, but didn't update the forum post. I am still hoping to find out how to dismiss the 3 recommendations that do not apply to me.
  9. Yes, I have checked there and looked all over. I do not see where I can turn off those recommendations that do not apply to me.
  10. Also, plus rudgers' post located above this post, I have KTS © I have three recommendations from KTS I would like to dismiss. I don't see anyway of getting rid of these reminders. Parental Controls. No kids in the house, unnecessary. Password Manager not installed. I have a password manager of my own choosing. Back up not configured. I have a back up program installed.
  11. It is not a phishing scam but a legitimate email from my bank. I did not know about the new feature for submitting the message. I have done the 6th important topic. Thank you,
  12. I cannot receive any email promotions from USBank because they are all deleted by Kaspersky Pure as a Trojan. However it is not a trojan and is just a promotional email. How do I get Kaspersky to stop deleted the emails. I tried making an exception but because each email is different I am not having any success. I've tried telling K Pure to do different options such as skip but it won't let me recover it. I've saved the emails and attached one of them. UsbankSally.txt
  13. setupapi.app__2_.log setupapi.dev__2_.log setupapi.app.log setupapi.dev.log kl_preinstall_2013_06_25_00_55_38.log.zip kl_setup_2013_06_25_00_47_54.log.zip It will not let me send the first install kl-install-2013-06-25-00-55-49.log.enc1 as the file is too large. I'll have to upload it to a website if you still need it. There are about 5 copies of the Install and Preinstall files but I do not see any for the day 7-26-13 when also tried to install it. Thank you,
  14. I did all you asked. It did not install and I received the same message as the screenshot below.
  15. I guess it comes in different formats. I've included the htm and xml file extention types. avz_sysinfo.zip avz_sysinfo__2_.zip
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