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  1. I'm just starting to realise now how much KIS 2019 was slowing things down on the PC web pages would take an age to load and explorer windows often hang. Now with 2018 back on everything is almost instant again.
  2. I noted from some other threads that are now locked so cannot post there that others were having issue with VPN's. I just did various testing with the techs at Nord and it seems that presently KIS 2019 is incompatible with their Windows software. This is with everything allowed and trusted in application manager. Once Kaspersky is uninstalled and Nord re-installed it works perfectly. Then installed KIS 2018 and no more issues (presently patch f, not updated itself to k yet). Though KIS still nags about invalid SSL certificates that when checked all seem valid, as did KIS 2019. Hence if others are having VPN issues its most likely due KIS 2019. Hopefully the new patch will fix this.
  3. It seems to be getting harder and harder to find these full versions. In the past the links for these were in a sticky at the top of the forum. Then that disappeared and was not replaced. Now since a few members have posted the links for that section here meaning https://products.s.kaspersky-labs.com/ that whole section has been altered. Sure it is now more user friendly to navigate but it seems they have removed some of the actual content and information. Many will select their language and country to be offered just the downloader not realising they have to select global to get some of the full versions still available. The info files are not there any more nor is any info relating to the date of the files which was always useful. Why not give us the option to navigate both ways and make this easier to access. Especially with KIS2019 being so awfully buggy many will want to switch back to KIS 2018 as that was much more stable. Now KIS 2019 is causing problems with my VPN too so only after having completely re-installing it on several systems I'm gonna switch back to the 2018 version. i can't be the only one whose patience is wearing thin with all these issues and hope in the future they put more testing before releasing new versions. In the meantime this is KIS 2018 English Global version if anyone wants it. https://products.s.kaspersky-labs.com/english/homeuser/kis2018/kis18.0.0.405abcden_13413.exe
  4. Well it's not even 24 hours since I did an uninstall of KIS 2019 and clean install and now again I'm getting intermittent ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE on various web pages. Edit// Three things to do while this topic temporarily is in flood stop mode: 1. Please follow the instructions that are already posted in this topic thread. 2. Please try un and re install Kaspersky. 3. Please contact Tech Support.
  5. yes thanks I already did that and uninstalled and updated the vpn application. It was all fine since the other day when the other problem began so I guess it's related. Kaspersky did something mid afternoon on the 12th Oct I think. That's when they changed their files on the DL page and the problems began for many.
  6. The whole purpose of uninstalling and re-installing was so we could use the scan for encrypted connections as before even the web pages weren't reachable without disabling them. No I have no fix just reporting a similar occurrence. It started doing this before the re-install at the same time it was blocking https sites.
  7. Often it's easier (and sometimes cheaper) just to get a new digital licence from an authorized seller and then enter to new Registration key into the licence section on Kaspersky.
  8. I keep getting multiple similar notifications about invalid certificates on encrypted connections that I have to keep pressing continue several times. When I check the certs they are all okay. This is after the total uninstall of KIS 2019. Clean up browser and registry and re-install of KIS and setup again... sigh.
  9. What is also crazy about this is the randomness of it. So it is set to scan ALL encrypted connections and ebay is thus blocked. Ten mins later and ebay is available again.
  10. This has appeared on a system that had a complete uninstall of KIS 2017 and clean install of 2019 only a week ago. So what are we supposed to do re-install every week as this issue reappears? No, kaspersky Labs need to pull their finger out and fix this. It has been an issue periodically in many older versions of KIS that I have used.
  11. English KIS2018 in here http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/english/homeuser/kis2018/ multi language here: http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/multilanguage/homeuser/kis2018/
  12. Firefox must also be using TLS 1.3 which is causing the issue with Gmail when scan all encrypted connections is enabled. But in firefox I can access duckduckgo or other pages whereas in chrome I cannot.
  13. Sorry that won't work, the issue also exists with Firefox. I get Secure connection failed with latest Firefox. Can't even get https://start.duckduckgo.com/ on chrome though. There seem to be more than one issue here related to the TLS1.3 and scanning all the encrypted connections, now I can get the pages having re-enabled web protection but ONLY if I disable scanning all encrypted connections. Previously that didn't work.
  14. So I am using KIS 2019 about an hour or so ago it did an update seemed a large one..maybe module updates?? it was the same version before. Now i have the same problem with the latest chrome (not tested firefox). Lots of https sites are unavailable. I tried turning off scanning encrypted pages etc and made no difference. The only way I could fix it was to turn off web antivirus completely. Adding exceptions, changing settings or disabling browser extension made no difference. This is ridiculous. Now I'm gonna get a ton of people calling me about this They better fix this sharpish or they will go down the pan. It's a massive bug.
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