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  1. So I've used Kaspersky for forever but Mullvad is newish. They worked fine together for a while but eventually one of the two programs updated and now they no longer like each other. I was still on Kaspersky 18 at the time so when I uninstalled it I verified Mullvad would connect properly which it did. But the second I downloaded Kaspersky again it quit. So I'm now running Kaspersky Total Security (b) and Mullvad 2018.2 the latest non-beta versions of both programs as far as I'm aware. Basically I can get Mullvad to start with Auto-Connect and Auto-Start enabled. So when I reboot my computer it will connect to the VPN. But if it disconnects (which happens more often than I'd like) or if I manually try to switch servers, it refuses to connect. So I have to re-boot the computer.... Again this didn't happen when Kaspersky was uninstalled. I've added Mullvad VPN, Daemon that manages the VPN tunnel and system security, OpenVPN Daemon all to trusted applications and under "Details and Rules" in the "Exclusions" tab check marked everything besides "Apply Exclusion Recursively" and "Allow Interaction with Kaspersky Total Security Interface" in an attempt to solve this to no avail. What else can I do to attempt to resolve this? Thanks in advance for your time and help!
  2. Hi I'm still having the program inexplicably crash, with Kaspersky still seeming to be the only reason why it would.
  3. Hi with KIS 2010, I've had a very difficult time getting MagicTune Premium software to load. I use it for my Samsung monitor. I'm using MagicTune Premium 4.0.01 for Windows 7 64 bit. KIS normally asks about letting things install, and I usually hit allow with no problems. With MagicTune it kept giving me errors and crashing. After I rebooted the computer it the proactive defense or heuristics booted in and detected a suspicious driver installation which causes MagicTune to crash again. After uninstalling it completely. Closing KIS during installation.. And then adding an exclusion when the pro-active defense came up upon reboot. It seems I've finally got the program to work. It was just a major hassle and a half. Can Kaspersky add this program to their trusted list automatically or remove the detection of the driver or something? The software is made by Samsung. This is the first program I've had this much trouble getting to load so I figure there's something to be fixed somewhere.
  4. Well unless you hit 'Scan My Computer' its implied that its not a full system scan. I've used many anti-viruses and even though you've listed Norton as another, in my personal experience a lot of the UI's of many popular AV programs show that they are doing real-time scans unless they're freeware versions.
  5. Bumping one more time.. Maybe SUPER's forums will be more helpful...
  6. Yeah one of those had a link to skip the incompatibility check with KIS and KAV.. But not PURE.. The way I remember it was to take a certain file of SUPER out of the registry so the installer wouldn't see it.. And that'd work for KIS/KAV and I assume PURE since the compatibility check should be the same.
  7. Nope PURE won't install with the free edition. Neither does Internet Security. Been like that for a while. Oh and I'm also running Windows 7 (incase the work-around differs from XP)
  8. Gah I saved a .txt somewhere that had the workaround to install Kaspersky with SUPER still on the computer and now I can't find it, and I tried searching the forum and I couldn't find it either. Anyway yeah, I have SUPER Free Edition, I want to install and trial Kaspersky PURE. And I'm changing AV's (fooling around with new versions) a lot so I'd rather not uninstall SUPER every time I want Kaspersky. What's the registry workaround or whatever it was again? Thanks.
  9. I believe you can take the KIS installer, choose custom installation and choose the features you want or don't want... So you could strip it down to the AV functions only and then use the KIS key.
  10. Hi there I'm running XP SP3 and Kaspersky and lately Kaspersky has been giving me troubles with bad lag. Today I had the one that made me write this post... I was surfing the internet and Opera freezes and nothing happens, I hit control alt delete and that tells me AVP is taking up 99% of my CPU, and then it'd fall and then go back up to the 90's. And I right click Kaspersky and of course some sort of rootkit scan is running... So I wait until its done and then pause kaspersky protection.. And then I pause protection, tell it not to shut down my internet connections... and continue going... It works for about 2 minutes and then everything starts freezing again and loading terribly slow... I go what the heck! and control alt delete... Its doing the same thing with protection paused? I'm just kind of wondering if 2010 is having some issues and a new version is coming out to fix this? It just seems rediculous. I attached a screenshot showing whats happening.
  11. Great... Now when I pause Kaspersky... It still doesn't work in IE7. But it works in Opera? When I add wwe.com to the white list... I don't have to put * around it correct? Just wwe.com? But yeah thats still not stopping Kaspersky from doing something to the media player.
  12. Any other suggestions please? I cleared my cookies/cache, uninstalled flash, ran a registry cleaner, rebooted comp and reinstalled flash and it still won't work in Opera.
  13. On any video on wwe.com I can't get the media player to work.. With IE7 it works when Kaspersky is paused.. Opera it doesn't work with or without Kaspersky paused. But when I figure out the other issue as to why its not playing, Kaspersky might block it. I have the latest version of Opera, Adobe Flashplayer, Kaspersky, and Windows Media Player that aren't in beta. What settings do I need so that it works in IE7/Opera without pausing Kaspersky?
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