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  1. We've just tested it here and for example if the policy is running every 2 minutes even if the network lead is unplugged it will run every two minutes even though it says manually..... I'm guessing a bug in this version of
  2. Hello, I've recently updated KAV to v6.0 MP4 and AK8.0. I've created a group task to update all the PC's in a managed folder. All is working well. The problem is that when i go to the users PC, i open the update panel and it says RUN MODE = Manually where it should update every 2 hours. Also in the update settings ,configure button the update button has got administration Server and KAS lab update servers when it should be pointing to an update point in the group task. (it's greyed out aswell by the way). Has anyone else had this or am i doing something wrong? Thanks Gary
  3. Just to bump this up, any ideas anyone?
  4. Thanks for your help Tybilly, apologies if i'm sounding a little silly. I wish to create an update server on each site so that the network dosn't get hit too bad. Is this just going to be a case of creating an slave administation server at each site that only pulls down the updates?
  5. I have one main site (where the admin console is), then 5 remote sites (by ADSL). If i don't use Slave admin consoles how do i create a location where each site grabs it's updates? I was only thinking that you can create this via a slave admin console.
  6. is there any documentation about this with screen shots. I'm really struggling with the concept. Cheers All
  7. many thanks! that was the answer, the box wasn't ticked. :cb_punk:
  8. Un-installed - re-installed - Still no luck. :dash1:
  9. I'm using V6.0.3.837. I'm getting no event viewer issues, all looks like it's running ok. I'll try an re-install now.
  10. Hello All, My KAV tray icon is missing. The AVP.exe is running, i can see that the console is talking all ok. I've re-booted the PC and no tray icon. I can't even open the application. Anyone seen this before? Gary :angry:
  11. Hello All, I'm trying to roll out packages to test PC's to make sure all is running ok. I've un-packaged the .exe file for the v6 workstation and created the remote install. I've created my groups and ran the deployment wizard for my test PC. I've installed the agent and the main workstation app. The product then says it cannot update or run my policies on that PC and runs very slow. (it's not running a full scan) even though it's in the correct group I've been going through the Getting Started guide and making sure i'm following all the points and i'm wondering if anyone else is having the same issue and have found a work out. Many thanks gary
  12. I was going to have the main site where most of the PC's are, the under that Administration server have all the slaves and put the other PC's from that site in the slave group. My query is where does the group know where to get the updates? for example PC's from site2 get updates from site2 and not site1.
  13. Hello, I am currently creating my folder structure for KAV on my network. We have 1 master site and an extra 5 sites. Would you recommend creating a site1 group on the master admin console and then 5 slave servers coming off that one group? Any suggestions or ideas would be great.
  14. Afternoon All, I'm currently evaluating KAS for my company and so far i'm pleased with the testing. One of the things i'm having a little difficulty understanding is the slave adminstration server. I currently have one domain with 5 sites, so each site will have a Slave Administration server. The thing i can't work out is that each slave admin server has it's own groups (when you expand it under the main admin server). Is the whole point of the slave admin server just a location of local data + updates? Thanks All Gary
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