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  1. Tried that setting and it didn't make any difference. Also lowered the heuristic setting all the way to shallow. Still didn't make any difference.
  2. I noticed that setting but in parenthesis next to it there is mention that the database signatures are "limited set". What exactly is the harm in using that setting?
  3. KAV 7 on Windows Vista. Media player worked and streamed fine before KAV 7 install. Now plays videos in spurts, bad streams, etc. What settings can I changed to recitfy this? Thanks.
  4. No, just the freebie version. By restrict, what exactly do you mean? Server rights? Internet rights? Yes, probably to update.
  5. I remember in ver 5 there were some settings that had to be disabled when installing on pc w/ZA. Is ver 6 the same way? What, if anything, should be done on pc w/ZA installed while installing KAV 6? Thanks.
  6. What if you have to redownload a copy of it on a newly reformatted machine and have to reinstall KAV. It's not going to have the keyfile in the download......where do you find the key???
  7. So you've confirmed that it doesn't matter whether or not I have ALL files checked....the iswift will override it. Then what is the point in any of those settings if the advanced settings override it anyway? I do understand the algorithym behind this, however, the settings make no sense to the "average" user. If they check all files, then that is what they think they are getting.
  8. Gee Don, I don't know. What IS so difficult to understand about this: I have SCAN ALL files checked. I do NOT have new and changed files checked. However, it is only scanning new and changed files.........GEE, this is NOT what I told it to do? Anyone see a problem here? So iswift and ichecker apparently override EVERY setting. So again, what's the point in having them?
  9. then that's another question that I have..... WHY? I don't specify that anywere! I said ALL files..........I didn't say only if it's 2 hours apart, etc. What is up with this? I'm not liking the new KAV and will go back to NOD.
  10. On a weekly scan why would you not want to scan all files, regardless of whether or not they are new or unchanged? Same principle....it doesn't work according to the settings that I have checked. Very plain and simple.......if I say ALL files then it should override anything else.
  11. The point is I DON'T have that option enabled and I DO have ALL files checked....so why is it not working according to what I have selected? ALL files checked Scan New and Changed is NOT checked However, it is not checking all files each time a scan is run
  12. Just a few minutes. If that's the case, what's the point in having the settings to check new and unchanged files only? Makes no sense whatsoever! If I tell it ALL FILES and don't have new and unchanged checked, then I expect it to scan all files as I have selected.
  13. Kav 6 300 Trial Ver When the initial full (My Computer) scan was done it scanned over 350,000 files. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th scan were about 75,000 files. Problem is I DONT have scan new and unchanged files checked. Why is it acting like that is what it is doing? It should always scan the plus 300k files????? Edit: Forgot to also say ALL FILES is checked.
  14. So what are these MP's listed for? .522? Is the .523 link posted by Don a finished build?
  15. Ok, so is the latest personal version .522 that is on the website still the latest version to use? The link you provided is .523 Why isn't that on the website if it's the latest and greatest? KAV is SO confusing when it comes to getting their product....things labelled wrong, having to look on ftp sites for it, version numbers different between resellers, etc. What is the latest, greatest personal version that has no bugs and is available for download and where can I get it????
  16. Yes, that's correct. My post wasn't toward the OP, but more so about the error as Piston Ron has stated.
  17. "Key was damaged and cannot be installed" Why would you get THIS error on a box with the time and date set wrong. Seems to me you'd get something stating that it had expired or something more closely related to the actual error.
  18. Is anyone at KAV working on this issue. The servers are not moving at all now.............I have three pc's that have been STUCK for 35 minutes........
  19. Seems that the update servers just started running VERY SLOW.......one pc has been updating for about 7 mins so far................
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