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  1. Same issue. I've been on eBay most of the day without any problems then suddenly I got the ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE message and it's been continuing that way for an hour so far. No other website I visit is affected. If I use my phone to access on the same network there is no problem so it's not as if eBay has just died. Very frustrating. I'll try a few more tests and then submit a full report to Customer Support.
  2. Hi forum I've had KIS 2011 on this laptop running Vista SP2, but over the last year it reported the databases were out of date. Since it was using an old license, I tried to change the activation code to one from another multi-PC license I bought in 2015 but I couldn't change it. I tried to install a fresh download of KIS 2017 over the top but it only downloaded a setup file which didn't run when double-clicked. It didn't even show up on Task Manager. Total dud. I tried a download of KIS2015 which seemed big enough to be a full install file but this stalled when trying to install .NET Framework 4.0 never getting past the "about 5 seconds left". I downloaded the Vista MS . NET Framweork installer from Microsoft and tried to run that but with the same result. I uninstalled KIS2011 using the Control Panel uninstall. The KIS2015 install file still stalled the same way. Fearing a viral problem, I downloaded and ran Malwarebytes, which Kaspersky had recommended in a previous support call. Only adware stuff was found. All Windows updates are loaded and complete. I know Windows Defender is currently running but the Firewall appears to be off. I reboot between each action just to make sure everything is clean and ready. Here's the link to the GSI file: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...4950d5dafe219a9 http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...mp;key=DIh4QNKA Can you make any suggestions, please? I still have 44 days left on the current license before it renews and I just need to get this this laptop secured. Hope to hear soon. Steve
  3. My fifth license (of five) of KIS2011 is on my son's Lenovo ThinkCentre A58 desktop running Windows 7 Pro with two physical drives - a 250GB split into C:, I: and Q: as well as a 1TB in one partition D:. KIS 2011 was installed about six months ago. My son told me his C: drive was getting full but on inspection the four folders on the C: drive added up to 127GB but the properties of the C: drive said 209GB were used with 12.6GB free. I had emptied the recyle bin so I can't fiind where the extra 79GB has gone. Also the KIS appeared to have disappered so I reinstalled it from a CD I burnt of the original kis11.0.2.556en_gb.exe file that I downloaded when I paid in January. After I reinstalled the KIS2011 it reported that the databases were out of date and that it "Could not enable some protection components". I updated the databases and this was removed from the issues reported so I followed the button to "Start application repair" which I assumed would repair the installation. After the "repair" it requested a reboot. When it rebooted it was back to reporting the databases being out of date and that it "Could not enable some protection components". I went through the update, repair and reboot sequence three times with no change. Then I reinstalled all over again. This time it installed quicker and seemed to recognise the previous installation was merely needing repair. The end result was the same and I went through the update, repair and reboot sequence twice more. Over to you for suggestions. Thanks in advance. Steve
  4. I have been using a Terratec Cinergy USB TV tuner which uses its own Terratec-supplied Home Cinema software for 14 months. Up until one month ago it worked fine but recently I have only been getting the opening screen for the software and a KAV2009 dialogue saying keylogger activity detected. I had set the main executable as a "Trusted Application" in the exclusion settings with "Do not scan opened files" checked. Even so the report on proactive defense shows three result entries every time I run the program: two "Detected: Keylogger" and one "Not Terminated: Keylogger". I've checked the other two options in the "Exclusions for Application" dialogue but no change. Can you suggest a solution? The USB device appears perfect under device manager and I am using KAV 2009 vn (a.d.e)
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