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  1. Don, Lucian, others Is there any talk @ Kaspersky about possibly creating a portable app version of Kaspersky. I bought a Sandisk U3 USB drive and it came with portable Avast... there is a freeware portable apps for usb called portableapps.com and they bundle clamwin, thought it would be neat to see a portable version of Kaspersky we could carry around. I have a program called Package Factory, I'll try to see if I can bundle Kaspersky with all the folders, but it can get hudge, and I don't know how it would handle the activation data... note that Avast allows you to purchase a portable license for $15 a year. Just a thought, Houman
  2. So I noticed that World of Warcraft patched to latest version, and this time KIS Anti Hacker showed the popup for activity right away, and now when the game is running, Kudos
  3. Use this: https://addons.mozilla.org/thunderbird/2738/ my friends @ work use it, and they're happy with it. Personally I use the Junk Email Filtering of Outlook and I love it... I get about 40-50 spams a day, and it's now catching 99.99% of my Spams (that is if you update you junk email rules from MS)
  4. on my non KIS computer (AVG/Comodo) I went and tried the ZA Beta, since I still have my lifetime corporate key, it's still bloatware... I can't believe ZA still gets praises from Consumer Report or PC Magazine over KIS (it's a shame) But they're headed a good way if they use Kaspersky, but still... I only had nightmare with vsmon eating all my cpu/memory and slowing my computer to halt. During the install I don't know what I did, and it totally blocked my Internet Access so I uninstalled it Somethings never change... No Thanks I'd rather use AVG/Comodo ... though I might just get a third KIS serial and get it over with... Where is that KIS Xmas 06 special ? I can't find the page. -H
  5. I am getting tired of these comparative testing(s), no offense to OP. Just pick one and be happy with it... right now I have one box running AVG/Comodo and another one running KIS and I am happy with both
  6. The Full Review is: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,1960857,00.asp 3.5/5, a bit low I'd say... I personally would say that if I had to rank the KIS product, I'd give it from high rank to low. KAV Firewall Spyware Spam I consider the top 3 the most important generally... I think they just took an avg of diff components, and let the score drop to 3.5. If I were them, I probably would have given modifiers for each component, like 2 for KAV + Firewall , 1.5 for Spyware and 1 for Spam. which would give the score a 4.
  7. I read someplace: DICE's statement says: "The information that is gathered is specifically related to the in game ads themselves and not anything personally related to you. There is no additional spy ware software installed secretly to your machine." Nevertheless, the collection of "anonymous information" for the "measurement of in-game advertisements" may still not sit well with some, even if personal information isn't sent off to IGA or EA. --- This is going to be more common in the future, game developers house need all income they get, and since publishers can give so much, expect this trend to get bigger and bigger in future... this will allow game developers to get more cash and bring good titles, it might also allow garage gaming developers to start doing things more and more which right now only select game dev houses can do.
  8. Assuming I have NoScript, Adblock+ and Latest Firefox 2.x, is it safe to say that I could turn off WebAV altogether ?
  9. I'd say that if they have KIS/KAV running, they should be safe. Interesting stuff @ vugames forum: http://forums.vugames.com/search.jspa?date...B917422&x=0&y=0
  10. hehe yeah, you'll know it soon, when you have to download another hotfix for the side effects of the KB you just got from them by the way how long did it take for them to send you the hotfix ?
  11. I read that Windows update screws up Oxford English Dictionary, rofl Edit: http://www.oup.co.uk/ep/cdroms/oed2v3_1/#9
  12. I used to have ZASS as well, (v6.5?) I was very very happy with its firewall (since I have been using ZA for awhile) and I had upgrade to Pro. I was surprised when I ran the free version of KAV back at the time as well and found many trojans and actually virii that ZASS had missed and it gets #1 in Consumer report all the time. So that was it for me. I actually had two 180 days license left as well, but security is more important to me. I actually believe that no solution is 100% perfect. Most these tests load the system with virus when an anti virus is not running, and let the anti virus run to see how many it detects (maybe that's what an avg person in the world has -- a computer with no security program), but usually a computer that has a resident shield of any sort running is more or less prone to virii (depending on the programs). That's why I think everyone should be running at least some sort of Software Firewall on their PC, it does help catching hidden culprits often. -H
  13. Don, I digged thru it more on the article, and I found the list they use... pretty extensive I'd have to say. liste_des_13621_virus_francais_23187.zip
  14. I emailed the author, and asked him to comment here... I still think you're over-reacting on the matter, in any case Kaspersky detects like 99+% malware in : http://www.av-comparatives.org/ anyways... I would feel bad for other antivirus who did not detect the virus that Kaspersky found. I think you're seeing the glass as half empty, but it's really half full. Houman
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