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  1. I tested KIS ANti-hacker at www.grc.com True stealth tests failed.....why?
  2. Check this genuine article by Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Genui...s_and_Firewalls
  3. Hello, Don Pelotas you could move the "Microsoft releases spyware" to virus related issues. The new Microsoft WGA is a spyware but still not detected by KIS who claims of having the highest detection rate! It is not the discussion of Microsoft related issues but it is "Virus releated issues". Look, now please do not delete this post! Let Kaspersky Labs know what the software giant MS is doing. This topic is definately useful! Be open-minded and logical Don Pelotas!
  4. Please explain me that what those 4 types of protection are used for in screenshot.
  5. Is there any conflict between KIS and Hostman 2.1? What are all these types of host in the screenshot?
  6. I do not use KIS beta but I use KIS official release. There is no herusitics. Then how to block all yahoo adds? Is there another anti-banner on the web? Will a hostfile block adds? Where can I get a hostfile? One more thing, lucianbara you post sooooooo many replies. Go in a garden out there and breathe fresh air. Too much of surfing is not good for health!
  7. Anti-banner is not blocking yahoo adds in IE 7 Beta 3. Check this banner http://login.yahoo.com/config/login?logout....lg=us&.intl=us It is not blocked!
  8. KIS has got the highest detection rate? What the hell is it! 100% lie. Please correct it at www.kaspersky.com
  9. Hi, After I installed KIS 6.0.300 I updated it and performed a full scan. I knew there were definately something wrong with my PC. KIS detected 34 infected files and removed them all. I rescanned my entire PC and found 0 infected files. Then, I installed Spyware Doctor, updated it and then performed a full scan. It detected 9 malicious registry entries, 14 trancing cookies and 12 redirected host entries!! Whats wrong with KIS? Why it did not detect them at all?
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