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  1. hi all. i have downloaded and installed version 801358 on my mac and i think its running fine but i saw the 802460 version and the note says recommended for all users to update. my question is: if i dont have problems with the 358 version should i still update to the 460 version? bearing in mind that there are a few techy issues with the 2460 version posted on the forums? appreciate feedback - thanks!
  2. if ur using KAV 6 build 300 ... and u have downloaded all the updates/upgrades; when u open the service tab what should the version read? same goes for the 303 build? what should it read? thnx
  3. hi all running kav 6.00.300 here ... wanna update to the .303 build. do i download the msi or exe file? or it doesnt matter which? and ... should i just shut off KAV 6 running and run the installer file for .00.303? or do i have to uninstall the 00.300 buile first? thnx
  4. another false positive! had a false positive a month back in DirectX !!! i think it was the same trojan
  5. wow WGA spyware?!!! looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool thats ............ original to say the least. dude ... hows the weather these days on Mars ?!
  6. thnx for answering ... yes its the same text / pop up .... its the same everytime for msn and yahoo when i try to access my email inbox from them.
  7. hi Don i dont use anti hacker its only kav6 and its proactive defense and i dont use windows defender thnx
  8. everytime i try to access my yahoo email or hotmail email thru yahoo msngr or msn i get a popup from kav 6. i tried allowing it .. and then i tried adding to trusted. 2 days later, same operation, i get the same popup. i add to trusted... and then another 2 days i get the same popup. am sure somethings not right here. any help what to do or where to look? thnx
  9. my explorer hash : 787d9b8e768bc98ae9ec30ff0bd2eeb3 but ... my explorer.backup hash : a0732187050030ae399b241436565e64 ohhh ok ... now i understand why sorry
  10. hmmm ... this is one weird puzzler! if i were in ur shoes, and if all else fails; i'd uninstall KIS6 and install KAV6. i am sure office runs like a charm with KAV6. i am using ur OS exactly but office 2003. good luck
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