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  1. Sorry, but do not know how to do that. I am very novice to all this....sorry.
  2. Obrigado a todos os que me ajudaram com esta questão. Abraço.
  3. Please help! :dash1: Sorry about such novice question but I´m new to all matters of anti-virus. I´ve recently bough the KIS 2009 (Portuguese Version) and have installed it. After I done a "complete scan of the system", I click on the report of that scan and it shows that there are threats that need taken care of. Some of them have a red exclamation mark, others a yellow one and others an "i" that I gather stands for information. I have already (on different days) done some "complete scans" and they all are on a scan list with all the details. The truth is that I have tried to erase all these red and yellow exclamation marks but I am afraid to do something that I shouldn´t. This is the first time that I use an AV. Could you please help me and teach me on what to do next with all these warnings of infections and how do I erase all of them from the "reports"? Do I also erase the ones with the "i"? I have maybe mistakenly sent 4 warnings to the "exclusion (????)"!!! Should I have done this??? Also, after I clean all the threats how do I erase the list of all the complete scans I did? Any replies to this query would be appreciated. Thank you so much. :bf:
  4. Ajuda por favor! :dash1: Desinstalei o AVG 8 versão free (pelo painel de controlo + inst/desinst progrs), desconectei a firewall Windows e tambem desinstalei o antivirus da Microsoft 2007. Re-iniciei o PC. Ao tentar instalar o KIS 2009 (versão PT que adquiri hoje), este ainda me informa que não pode continuar instalação KIS porque tenho o AVG 8 instalado. Após isto, fiz uma procura, incluindo ficheiros ocultos de "AVG 8" onde consegui eliminar mais ficheiros deste tipo (re-iniciei o PC) mas o KIS ainda me informa que ainda tenho o AVG 8 instalado quando isto não é evidente! Por favor ajudem!! Muito obrigado. :ay:
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