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  1. The purpose of saving a configuration file is to save all of your custom settings for KAV or KIS, as Lucian said, it does not save your anti spam database or even your firewall settings for programs. I'm a reseller for KL and install it A LOT, so it's nice to be able to click one file and have all of my custom settings installed within seconds rather than have to go through each option every time I install KAV or KIS.
  2. Just tell Windows Defender to allow it, it is KIS' adblocking feature.
  3. If MP1 is final then why does KL official site still have version for both KAV and KIS?
  4. Good topic, this happens to me regularly, I send quite a bit of files for them to analyze. For example just yesterday I was working on a badly infected pc (I have a computer business) and I sent about 6 files to KL but have not yet received a reply and today i sent about 15 more without a reply yet. Usually I get a reply within hours and they are malicious and added but sometimes I have to submit them multiple times to get a reply and I get the same response as you when I know they are malicious. The analysts ought to know me by name by now, I have a routine for cleaning up malware and regularly find files KAV misses, I'm a reseller for KL so I want it to be the best.
  5. Tap the F8 key while your pc is booting and you will be prompted with a number of options, choose "Last know good configuration". Once you boot into Windows download the McAfee Removal Tool and run it, then reboot. Once rebooted uninstall Zone Alarm and reboot. Once rebooted use Autoruns to look for any McAfee and Zone Alarm left overs and delete them. Then download and run RegSupreme Pro and do a scan and fix all that it finds. Then download the free trial of TuneUp Utilities 2007 and run the 1-Click Maintenance twice. Then reinstall KAV7 and download Comodo Firewall, it is FAR better than ZA.
  6. sale 666, another tool you can use to make sure all of the Norton junk is gone is AutoRuns, look for any Symantec entries and delete them.
  7. Funny thing is that they did, WinFS, it was supposed to be introduced in Vista, probably the best feature that Vista was supposed to offer and the developers dropped it because they didn't have time to properly implement/develope it..... they should have waited and finalized it.
  8. That thread at DSLR is so ridiculous, Mele20 & StraightPoot are allowed to post anything they like as far off topic as they like without any moderation..... I have never liked DSLR they are somewhat like a cult, if you question the "chosen few" your posts will be deleted.... utterly ridiculous. After reading some posts by Mele20 & StraightPoot about other topics the level of their computer expertise is quite evident..... VERY low. That's not a low blow, it's a fact, some of the things they ask help for or answers they give are evident of not being very knowledgeable. They have truly out done themselves on this topic, proven their ignorance of technical computer issues and posted it everywhere on the internet.
  9. Happened to me as well, it was the update at 19:00 EST yesterday. I fixed it by booting into safe mode with networking and updating KIS, the next update which was at 20:00 EST fixed the problem. FYI, rhe rolling back the database feature did not work, it gave me an error stating it could not perform the rollback.
  10. This is the best fix, the problem has been around for months and MS is aware of it and there is no proper fix as of yet, it has nothing to do with Kaspersky though,
  11. It hasn't been officially released yet, although you can purchase KIS6 now and you will get a free upgrade to KIS7 when it is released.
  12. No security suite protects your wirless LAN, you setup your security within your router to protect your WLAN. I would suggest using WPA2 to do so. There is a free program to protect you when using free wifi hotspots, Hotspot Shield, it creates a VPN between you and the wifi client, it works very well.
  13. According to AOL's requirements listed HERE AVS is Vista compatible.
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