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  1. Hello, Does the Safe Money component not work properly if Hardware Virtualization is not available?
  2. I switched the exclusion to the C:\Program Files\CoSMOS\Debugger\ folder instead of the files inside and it seems to be playing well with it at the moment. I.e. it hasn't deleted the file yet. I hope it stays that way.
  3. Here are two screenshots showing: 1. The file I have added to exclusions so Kaspersky will not delete it. 2. Kaspersky deleting excluded file anyway. I've wrote about this problem before and was told to disable Interactive mode but the constant pop ups became annoying so I went back to interactive mode. I'm guessing Interactive mode does not recognize excluded files.
  4. I recently installed a program that allow you to modify values in games, basically make your own trainer type of program. When I went to install it Kaspersky's File Anti virus detected C:\Program Files\CoSMOS\Debugger\x86\CHDbg32.exe and C:\Program Files\CoSMOS\Debugger\x64\CHDbg64.exe as Trojans and removed them so I copied and pasted the paths into exclusions and excluded file antivirus and scan for them and went to re-install program and it again detected and removed them. Why won't Kaspersky recognize these as Excluded?
  5. Hello, Two questions regarding entering exclusions on Kaspersky Internet Security. 1. Do I need to browse through the path to properly enter exclusions or can I copy/paste the path in? 2. If I uninstalled an excluded program and then later installed it again but I kept all the exclusion rules set in Kaspersky, would I need to re-enter all the exclusions? The reason I ask this is because as all the old excluded files and folders would have been deleted I was not sure whether after re-installing the said program I'd have to re-enter all the paths via the browse function so Kaspersky could see the files/folders. Thanks.
  6. Greetings, I know the Windows Store is generally considered safe, but my question is: If there was malware in an app I installed from the Windows Store would Kaspersky detect it? The reason I ask is that I've noticed Windows Apps are installed in a completely different location than the usual programs. I just wondered whether Kaspersky scanned the folders where the Windows apps are stored.
  7. I have secure data input enabled but the pop up only shows up in the email field and not the password field. Is password input field still being secured?
  8. I've submitted it and the result has come back infected, but the place I downloaded it is from a reputable website that makes cheat trainers that commonly are detected because of hacking memory files within the game. I have submitted other files to Kaspersky from the Cheathappens website in the past and after Kaspersky analysed it they told me it was safe. Shall I click disagree with results and submit it to the antivirus lab for analysis?
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