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  1. Greetings! Thanks for the tip, mastropizza. It can come handy. Problem is resolved... It wasn't due to Kaspersky. I simply needed to update my laptop's BIOS and that's all Sorry for the inconvenience... I apologize. Best Regards, Leo
  2. First of all, I reinstalled windows... Second, it was impossible to get in to WINDOWS even through SAFE MODE, so there is now way to create GSI Parser. Also, I am not going to install KIS again to see the same problem because I can't log on to windows anyways. Leo
  3. Well, don't be confused... Most of the companies are profit seeking companies, so they do anything to push their sales higher and higher. On ther other hand, Kaspersky is to the point. You want the best protection, get kaspersky or else you're doomed. Leo
  4. Greetings to all!!! First of all, How is everyone doing? I haven't been able to participate on the Kaspersky forums for a LONG time now. Sorry about that. I sort of have similar experience as you have had, but it's even worse then yours. Okay... I seriously have bad experience with the new version of KIS 125. I'll try to explain it as clear as possible... First, I reinstalled Windows, and everything... I installed KIS 125, and after that I restated my laptop as it was recommended... I log ON back to my user, everything seems to work fine... Kaspesrky updates and indicates it needs to reboot. Well, I reboot my laptop, and as soon as it start to load Windows, laptop "Shuts Down"... Also, I can't enter "Safe Mode" either. It starts to load it, then simply "Shuts Down" my laptop. Later, I used HP's recovery system to recover my laptop to its normal state, and then I did a clean install of Windows again. Now, I don't know if the issue was known previously, but I am sure it's a serioius problem which needs to be resolved as soon as possible. I am afriad to install the new version of KIS becuase I might not be able to log on to Windows. NOTE: I used Norton Cleaner to Remove Norton AV which came preinstalled, so it can't be because of that I assume. Also, forgive me if I posted it on the wrong topic. Thanks in advance... Best Regards, Leo
  5. The numbers show everything. Kaspersky is truly the best AV out there.
  6. Just uninstall other Kaspersky products and then install KAV 6.0.
  7. Well Yeah, but build 300 is not quite stable on my PC. I found KAV build 314 FS very stable.
  8. Greetings! I honestly use KIS and that's all. You do not really need WD since Kaspersky detects more Trojans, Malware, Spyware, etc... then WD. Best Regards, Leo
  9. I think it's possible by adding your own sounds in "sounds" folder. If you want to know what are the names of those sounds are supposed to be then open "skin.ini"(C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0\Skin) (attachment)
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