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  1. Indio, Thx for your reply. I was unaware of this "feature". I guess I'll let it ride for the time being. Thx again.
  2. Hi All: This is very strange. Had KAV 2015 installed. Turned on the computer and it was deleted and KAV 2017 was atomatically installed. Prior settings seem to have been retained. The only thing it showed being needed was a database update. Has anyone seen anything like this? Thx.
  3. dh27564: Thx for your reply. Re: Adv Sys Care 7: This does not load at start-up and I have been using this for quite some time without any probs, but I'll give it a try. Re:Windows XP: I know it's no longer supported but I have been told that to go to Win7 or Win8, I would need to reload all apps,games, etc. from the original media. I have moved so many times I have no idea where the original boxes are. Thx.
  4. Hi dh27564, Thx for your reply. attached is the GSI log, I hope. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...ae256443592a104
  5. Hi All, Using KAV 2015. In the last couple of days, KAV has not started when the machine is turned on. The "K" icon is greyed out. It takes multiple restarts, both complete shutdowns and restarts to get KAV to start and to show a red "K" icon. Any ideas? Thx.
  6. Hi antikythera. Thx for your prompt reply. Correct, it's not a scan option. It's shown as an item that is subject to being updated along with the database and is on the "My Udate Center Screen." I have noted that when this item had been updated in March and just now, that my full scan run time has changed. Once the duration went up, and now the duration seems to have decreased. Wondering if the security anaysis rules makes any difference as to the methodolgy that the scan routine uses. Thx.
  7. Hi All: Do the "Rules For Security Analysis" have any impact on full scan run time? Thx
  8. Hi Ray, Thx for the reply. The probs I had back in Oct had been resolved and the scan time, till recently, was approx 45 mins. Don't know why it changed, but I have a "suspicion", that it might have something to do w/ the large, recent updates. Thx for your view on scan frequency. I'll pobably go to once per month. Regards, Navman
  9. Greetings: In the past, my full scan time took approx 45mins. For about the last two(2) weeks, full scan time has reached approx two(2) hrs. I noted that the increase started with a series of large, over 1mb database updates, which started at approx the same time. Is there any connection? I have tried starting and restarting the scan and with unchecking the "concede resources to other applications" box, with no change. My other anti-virus program scan times have remained constant, so this appears to be KAV specific. KAV 2010, latest version. Any ideas? Also, I have noted some posts which opined that a full scan was not really required. What is the "official" view on the need for full scans? Thx for any help on this.
  10. lapalm: Thx for the reply. Yes, there is always the potential for a conflict. I d/n see either of these as being incompatible w/KAV 736. I may try them one at a time and see what happens. Perhaps someone from Kaspersky can provide the "official" view. Thx. Navman
  11. Hi All: Update: I uninstalled MBAM, SAS, and Spywareblaster. Uninstalled KAV. Ran some utilities to clean the registry, etc. Installed KAV736. Install went smoothly. Got latest updates. Ran a series of full scans using default settings. Here are the times: 1st scan: 1hr 45min 2nd scan: 50min 3rd scan: 45min After the scans, installed MBAM(free). No probs. Can I install SAS Pro? I d/n see the pro version listed as incompatible. Can I install Spywareblaster? I d/n see that shown as incompatable. Thx to all who helped me on this. Navman
  12. richbuff: I think you may be confusing me with "richard d" and his post in this thread. I d/n have Norton or Windows Defender installed. Pls check the GSI for "Navman" earlier in the thread. Thx. Navman
  13. richbuff: Don't know if you were addressing your post to me or not, but I d/n have Windows Defender or Norton Installed. Thx. Navman
  14. TrueGreen:Thx for the reply. Cpl of questions: I don't see One Care Advisor Toolbar on the Add/Remove Programs List. Where is that? If I disable restore, will I not lose all the restore points? I am a little leery of doing that if I run into a problem w/the KAV install as I did before. Thx for your help. Navman
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