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  1. as i said before and lucian i have already blocked ICMP echo 8 and 0 but if i keep my settings on Local network..other people can still ping me and if i keep my setting on internet then others cant ping me and neither these rules are needed in that case...... i have already blocked ICMP by creating a rule with range of ips.... anyways i think i have solved my problem... i have added another zone in which i have defined my server i.e server ip) and i have put the subnet mask as have made the setting for this zone as Local network with stealth on.... my other zone on which my whole LAN is located is on Internet setting with stealth on..this is shown in screen shot below... with these settings nobody else on LAN can ping me or see me online except from server.... so what u say is this setting alright?
  2. greetings all. infact i want to break all contact with every other person on my LAN except server. i will repeat my problem as i achieve my above mentioned goal by putting my LAN on internet setting with stealth on....however this setting works for few minutes and then all of a sudden my connection breaks....if i disable AH and refresh my connection and then again start AH, every thing works OK again for few minutes and the same problem happens..... i wonder if there is some problem with this setting i should not be able to browse at all! i think the problem is somewhere in rules which blocks some connetcion with server after some time.... and lucian i have already blocked ICMP echo 8 and 0 but if i keep my settings on Local network..other people can still ping me and if i keep my setting on internet then others cant ping me and neither these rules are needed in that case......
  3. infact here we are around 40 to 50 users sharing internet connection through LAN... we are connected to server which is having a static ip in lan i.e each of the user in lan is assigned static ips.... now we all know each other ips....suppose if i wanna check a person X is online on lan or not i will ping his ip and will get the reply which shows that he is online...the same case is with me....any person on LAN knowing my ip, if he pings me he gets the reply and knows that i am online.....i want to avoid this situation which can be done if i put lan on internet settings....but my connection breaks after some time with this setting.... i am not hsaring anything with anyone and i dont want anybody to know if i am online or not..... i hope i have explained my problem
  4. don i was waiting for ur reply... so coming back to the problem...how am i able to continue using internet with LAN connection set to INTERNET and stealth on..... right now i have set my LAN connection to local network and stealth on...so far no problem.....but with this setting other users can ping me on LAN....how i can avoid this??
  5. my connection again broke with "STEALTH OFF" setting... i again stopped the antihacker, refreshed connection and started AH again....now net is working ok....so the problem remains
  6. i have just turned off the stealth mode... till now internet is working ok... but whats the advantage of turning the stealth mode of??? dosent it leave me open to be seen by others on LAN?
  7. Hello... I am a long time user of KAV. today i installed KIS 6.0.300... previously i was using only on demand virus scan along with sygate personal firewall pro... now i trialled the antihacker in KIS and i really liked it. I have installed only on demand virus scan and Anti Hacker through custom instllation after completely uninstalling kav5 and sygate firewall. i am having a little problem with anti hacker... i am connected to internet through LAN.i have set the antihacker in training mode i have set my lan connection as internet and stealth as shown in screen shot. now the problem is my net connection works quite fine for few minutes after booting but all of sudden the connection breaks and i could not browse or download anything anymore....then if i pause the antihacker for 5 sec and refresh my connection and restart the antihacker again , net starts working again....this happens only when i keep my lan in INTERNET settings...if i keep it in LOCAL NETWORK state then this problem doesnt happen....but i dont want any other person on network to ping me and see my reply....thats y i want it in internet state with stealth on having blocked netbios and icmp.... i hope i have explained my problem... looking for solution.... i am using windows xp sp2.... no other resident scanner or process guard like thing.... connected to net through lan with the help of ISA server...
  8. well thanx for the response.... i got my problem solved out.... this was the error which i was getting and it was caused due to some misconfiguration at the server through which i am connected to net... any ways i got it solved ... thanx and tc MAC
  9. i have kasperky antivirus personal pro 5.0.20 i am using win xp pro sevice pack 2 sygate personal firewall pro 5.5 build 2710 adaware spybot search and destroy microsoft anti spyware i am connected to internet through LAN... my problem is that whenever I try to update kaspersky an error occur i.e. updating to an older version is not allowed. here is the detailed report of error ask: Anti-virus databases update Statistics: Task start time: 6/25/2005 3:43:15 PM Task completion time: 6/25/2005 3:43:17 PM Settings: Update source folder: Update server of Kaspersky Lab Update the anti-virus databases: Yes Show the list of available updates: No LAN settings Use passive FTP mode Yes Connection timeout 30 sec Connection via a proxy: No Copy to updates shared folder Shared updates folder: do not use Report: Object Event Duration Updating started 6/25/2005 3:43:15 PM http://us2h.kaspersky-labs.com Establishing connection to the update server 6/25/2005 3:43:16 PM master.xml Module downloaded 6/25/2005 3:43:17 PM Error while updating: internal error 42 6/25/2005 3:43:17 PM Error during updates 6/25/2005 3:43:17 PM Updating to an older version is not allowed 6/25/2005 3:43:17 PM this error occurs only when I TRY TO UPDATE WHILE I am connected to internet through LAN. note that i am able to browse and download while connected to internet through lan.. note that there is no problem in updating kaspersky through dialup!!! however for the very first time when I installed Kaspersky antivirus personal pro 5.0.20... i was able to update completely while connected through LAN....after the first update when I try to update again the error mentioned above occurs... I have installed and uninstalled kaspersky about three times... every time i am able to update it for the first time and after that the same error occur.... i have not installed any antivirus before and its the clean installation after formatting the whole system... any help will be highly appreciated... MAC
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