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  1. I am using Kaspersky anti spam since a week now and it is much more efficient than Spambayes. The "no-spam" button also provide the same feature than the "recover from spam" of Spambayes. Sorry guys Yannick
  2. I cannot comment yet on the efficiency of the filter itself but Spambayes just have one additional buton in Outlook. You have the traditional "this is spam" and "this is not spam" but a third button "recover from spam" just move back the mail that was unfairly move to the spam folder back to the foler it came from. Very smal but highly practical feature. When you have a quick look to your spam or Probable spam folders, it is an easy way to "untag move back in the inbox" the unfairly tagged emails. Now in Kaspersky antispam, if a valid mail if taged Spam or Probable spam and moved to a spam folder, you have to 1) Untaged it with "not spam" 2) move it back MANUALY in your inbox "Recover from spam" just do that in one click. Yannick
  3. Yes !! I did not understood that those options where IN OUTLOOK settings !!! I was looking for it in Kaspersky settings... Maybe the online documentation could be made a bit clearer on that point... Also maybe the Kaspersky's devolpers should look at the open source Spambayes (http://spambayes.sourceforge.net/), it works great and it is easyer to use... For instance there is a very practical "recover from spam" button that I cannot see in Kaspersky antispam ? Thanks anyway!! Yannick
  4. I am trying to understand how to setup the KIS antispam with Outlook so every messages tag with SPAM or Probable SPAM to get automatically move to specific folders. When I installed the program I got the first time a setup screen that asked me which folders I wanted to select to do exactly that. Unfortunatly at the install time I decided not to choose those options. Now I am trying to find how to access again this setup screen but can't find it anywhere. The online documentation is not very clear as well. Can someone point me out to a simple way to do that ??? Yannick
  5. Bad luck, this other Symantec tool does not work as well. Cannot get the "Symantec AutiFix tools" web page to do anyhting :angry:
  6. It arrived preloaded with the Sony laptop 2 weeks ago. I don't know but I guess it was very new. I can't see anymore because I deleted NAV !! Yannick
  7. When I follow the NAV uninstall step and run SymNRT.exe, it says "The version of Norton Removal Tool that you are using has expired" !! Yannick
  8. Hi, I have install KAV trial on a new dual core Sony laptop. As usual this machine had Norton AV pre-loaded so I did uninstall NAV (in the stanard XP way) before loadin KAV demo. Did update DB, full scan etc and it worked fine for some days. Then the demo license went old. I say to KAV that I will buy a lisence "later". From that moment the second CPU of the dual core processor is always 100% and I cannot ever stop KAV. I bought a licence key and I wanted to upgrade/re-install KAV with a normal download but impossible becaused KAV never want to stop !! I cannot even reach the option to ask KAV not to automatically restart at next boot because I cannot even open the main KAV screen. I see KAV in the task bar but it is like if it is looping using always 100% of the second core! Any clue ??? Yannick
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